Beyond the Splat Zones (5-1, Tri-slosher)

23rd July 2017 – 7.00 am

Well, my opening gambit doesn't work so well. I don't know why my Disruptor doesn't hit the Carbon Roller, maybe because I hit the blocks instead, but it means he can react quickly to my presence. I am splatted back to base.

The Splat Zones are green for a bit. With a bit of pressure we turn them blue, but not for long. A nicely aimed Wail keeps me from doing much with my bucket, and the inkling responsible manages to hide in the smallest puddle of ink quite well, but I find him eventually, whilst my squidmates capture the Splat Zones.

I am kept in the Splat Zones by rising platforms, but sloshing ink around always seems to help. I finally get out of there and around the back, where I don't do a great deal, but do manage not to get caught out by the Carbon Roller, although I nearly mess that up thinking he's gone when he hasn't.

I squid away and back again, using my Bubbler to get close to the Splatterscope, unfortunately for him, particularly as I hit him with a Disruptor too. I move back towards the Splat Zones, spotting a target, but get there only to be moral support, as my squidmates have everything sorted out. Nice!

Heading back towards the green team sees an Inkstrike being prepared, and although I can't stop it I get in to good position to ensure the post-strike splat. A Disruptor stops me going much further, but I splat the thrower and can just sit there, feeling sorry for myself. Not for long, though.

The Disruptor wears off and I flop around, which I'll claim to be a victory celebration, as we win the battle by a knockout victory. Woomy!

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