Squiffing in the Splat Zones (6-3, Fresh Squiffer)

2nd August 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's a nice idea to plant that Suction Bomb for the inkling to drop in to, squidding away from harm as I do. It would work better if I didn't squid in to an active Killer Wail. I head a different way next, and still find a Killer Wail, but from a safe distance.

A bit of Suction Bomb lobbing doesn't do as much as I hope, and dropping down from the perch seems to be just the wrong moment to do so. At least I am not splatted immediately, and remember I have a Kraken available. It's quite satisfying splatting someone from behind as a Kraken. It's also quite good that the platform rises to stop me engaging the Splatling, just as my Kraken runs out. That could have been embarrassing.

I don't manage to splat the Bamboozler, or drop a Suction Bomb to coincide with a super-jumper, but at least I can hit a Sprinkler. Another Suction Bomb works very well, placed just where an inkling edging on the perch may not see it. Sitting on the platform offers me a bit of safety and some height to ink the Splat Zones, and that charges my Kraken again.

Two splats with the Kraken this time, which feels great! It's also a nice change of perspective from being chased by Krakens. We perhaps take a bit too long to neutralise the Splat Zones, although we manage it eventually, turning them purple even. A bit of squidding around doesn't quite let me get an aimed splat, but we work well as a team to keep the green ink at bay.

My squidmates push high, and are pretty effective at preventing the green team from pressing, and I hold slightly back, doing what I feel I can. The Bamboozler comes to the side, and I have to dodge, but it puts me in a good position to cover the Inkstrike that hits the Splat Zones. And I spy that Splat Bomb being rolled from the corner, so the Kraken roll was not purely speculative.

We lose the Splat Zones briefly, and the Bamboozler aims for me, but as I squid around a squidmate takes care of her, which is worth a 'Nice!' We hold the turf again, although a Bomb Rush sends a lot of ink our way. It takes three shots to splat the perpetrator, which isn't great, but at least I hit my mark eventually. The Aerospray does so a bit more quickly.

My return is short-lived, dropping next to a Luna Blaster and her Splat Bomb, but my squidmates have the Splat Zones in hand. There's little more I have to do, and I just spread some ink as we head to a knockout victory. Woomy!

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