Splats that count in Tower Control (3-6, Grim Range Blaster)

18th August 2017 – 7.00 am

I think I do quite well not to squid backwards on to that Splat Bomb tossed my way, and to get out of the way of a second Splat Bomb. And maybe I don't use my sneaky wall position to my advantage, but I manage to retreat out of danger, and towards the advancing Tower to support our charge. My Killer Wail charges as I get there, and I use it to cover the advance, but the yellow ink is coming from the side. And the back, and the front. I don't get out of there unsplatted.

I see an inkling as I hit the flank on my return, and pause to assess the situation. It looks clear. But Riddick says that and what happens? Well, he doesn't get a Splat Bomb thrown his way, but I think my point is made. I am a bit cautious to return, particularly considering the Tower has trundled past that point, but my caution lets my Killer Wail charge again. And again it probably doesn't help too much, with the yellow inklings hiding around the corner on the perch.

A squidmate, heeding Jim Gordon's advice, clears the corners, and pushes the Tower further. I hop on to help, but right in to a Splattershot's ink. So it goes. My sacrifice may have helped almost get the knockout, but almost isn't good enough. I super-jump back, which is a bad idea when no one else is unsplatted and the Tower and surrounding area are yellow, and land on a Kraken. I'm not doing too well here.

A charger points my way when I try to go back, and missing me may not have been entirely in my best interests. I get a couple of indirect blasts going, but I think they're on different inklings. I suppose I at least take up the attentions of two or three inklings, which really is a massive waste of their time.

There's lots of yellow ink building up along the Tower's route, which will help them and hinder us, so I try to make it purple, whilst avoiding the gaze of the charger. I try to splat the charger too, but it's easy to avoid me when I'm out of range, and pushing forwards gets me caught in that yellow ink that the yellow team find it so easy to move through. So it goes.

A squidmate splats the Splatterscope at the start of a Splat Bomb Rush, which relieves some pressure for me, even though I still nearly run in to a Bomb. I use my new free time to cover the yellow ink, and push up as the Tower seems to be advancing, but both get a little ahead of circumstances and in a bit of a muddle. My moves are not smooth, letting the Splatterscope out-manoeuvre me for long enough for support to splat me away.

Phew, one minute to go. Will I actually get a splat in this battle? None so far! Maybe I can sneak around the back. Hey, maybe I can! I can even ink the wall and get up to where the yellow inklings have been causing us trouble, and although I splat one of them, my first splat!, my Grim Range Blaster either malfunctions or something, as I can't get the ink out to splat the second.

I go back for a second go, and my Blaster is working again! I bet the Splatterscope felt that blast. I take in my rarified position for a bit, before moving forwards. I run along the grating, hoping my position will be unexpected. And it is, which is a bit peculiar, as I would have though the Splattershot would have peeked and seen me coming. But he doesn't and gets splatted for his cavalier manner.

I do believe I have directly supported the Tower. I have cleared the corner, splatted away an inkling trying to get above us, and pushed back the Splatterscope. A Killer Wail prevents inklings coming right for us, and my presence is again a distraction for the yellow team. All this comes at just the right time, as the Tower trundles on to the goal for the knockout victory!

I didn't do a great deal that was positive in this battle, but maybe I just about managed to help when it meant the most.

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