Having a blast in Tower Control (12-6, Grim Range Blaster)

19th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like my use of the Burst Bomb on the fan, keeping the platform elevated and getting the splat on the Rapid Blaster. If my aim were better, it would have been a direct hit, same with the Roller, but I'm still happy to get indirect hits, as long as I don't get splatted back. I slip off the other platform, so send a Killer Wail ahead. It doesn't hit anyone, but I'm sure it provides some cover as my squidmates push the Tower forwards.

I haphazardly move up to support the push, trying to keep myself safe at the same time, which works well, right until I find myself smack in the middle of an imminent Killer Wail. Back to base with me! I wait to jump the Dynamo Roller, showing a little patience to do so, then an Inkzooka blasts away, a Killer Wail crackles towards us, and I send my own one back. When the ink settles, we're pushing the Tower forwards again. But I only get so far.

Our only surviving squidmate pushes the Tower a little further, but he can't withstand the inky onslaught alone, and the orange team takes over. But we come back and claim the Tower for ourselves again. I provide support from the side, looking for opportunity, then shooting over the ledge to try to provoke some. Sure enough, inklings come my way to try to splat me by surprise. That almost works, if only because I'm surprised my first shot is only glancing, and retreating to get the splat doesn't quite get me out of range. So it goes.

I provide a little defence on my return, which just about clears the Tower, but only so far, and it starts trundling our way again. I'm back at base as the Rapid Blaster moves rapidly past, and my aim is just a bit off to splat them, and they move away just as rapidly. My aim lets me down again as the Tower approaches. Or maybe my aim is too good, as I hit the column of the Tower, rather than just to the side, and so my shot doesn't blast. It would have been a good time to get the indirect hits.

The orange team super-jump on to the Tower in waves, but they are just jumping to their splatty doom, as our ink keeps flying in at the same time. We start moving the Tower back in the right direction, and I provide some support from the side, until the Rapid Blaster catches up with me. I get a bit too embroiled in a spat with the Dynamo Roller at the side after that, barely noticing the Tower heading our way. I just about manage to realise what's happening as our lead starts to be threatened, and head back to provide some direct support.

My support isn't needed this time, thankfully, as my squidmates clear the Tower and stop the push in time. Maybe my keeping the Dynamo Roller engaged helped in its way. Just in case, I set my Killer Wail to blast across the Tower as the seconds tick down, but no orange inklings super-jump in. We claim the Tower at the end of the battle for the victory. Woomy!

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