Taking back Tower Control (14-9, Tri-slosher)

20th August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I can see that inkling coming on to the column to try to hit us quickly, and aim my Tri-slosher to stop the assault. I'm not quite prepared for two inklings, though, and the increased inky pressure splats me before I can splat both of them. But my bucket can work really well before the Tower rises on to our platform, and I use it to help stop the first push.

As a squidmate rides the Tower, I move ahead to try to apply some pressure of my own. It nearly works, as my Bubbler charges at a good time, but I can't quite suppress the Kraken that comes for me. I come back with an opportunity to use my bucket on the Tower again, and even though I lose my footing I still get the splat, although I get flanked soon afterwards.

I move to the side as the Tower moves in the wrong direction. I probably have a plan, something to do with getting behind the green team, I suspect. It works, but I don't quite surprise the inkling quickly enough. At least being splatted back to base puts me in a better position to defend, not that I do it very well.

I have another shot at defending, and stop the Tower and avoid the Inkzooka, which is something, but get jumped by another inkling. And now we have someone wanting to be as much of a nuisance as possible, and camping our flank. That's being a bit of a dick, to be honest, and I'd rather he wasn't there to irritate my squidmates. I show some patience and good timing, and, with the help of an incidental Roller, splat the pest back to the green base.

I get back to the battle and help stop another green push, but we're still nowhere near the green team's lead. I help keep the green team at bay for a bit, and make more turf purple, and when the Tower is pushed forwards I provide some forward support. I also share a Bubbler, which may have been a little early, but allows me to get in to a good position to apply some good pressure as the Tower continues forwards.

We keep the green team off the Tower for just long enough to steal the lead, all in one continuous push. Nice! We are chucked off the Tower soon afterwards, but the damage has been done, and with less then thirty seconds to go. I'm happy enough to simply defend now, and that's all that has to be done. We turned the battle around nicely. Woomy!

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