Finding some splats in Tower Control (15-5, Tri-slosher)

21st August 2017 – 7.00 am

I've been on a bit of a losing streak, not really finding a groove in my battling. I don't think I've been in the right frame-of-mind, to be honest, but it's hard to tell at the time. But if there's one weapon that I can believe in, it's the Tri-slosher, so I whip it out and try to find my mojo.

A good Disruptor throw seems to paralyse the Dynamo Roller, which works for me, and the Tower heading my way as I'm behind the inflatable gets me a second quick splat. I don't ride the Tower just yet, though, and go looking for further splats, to support my squidmates. I find those splats too, getting up on to the teal team's platform for a handy triple.

A squidmate splats the fourth inkling at the same time as my triple, giving us a short free period to ride the Tower. I'm happy to see it moving forwards too, so stay where I am to add some forward inky pressure. It helps a bit, but the team team stop the Tower by heading down the sides, which means I should be moving towards the Tower too.

Some good manoeuvring lets me keep the teal team at bay, me unsplatted, and the Tower mostly moving forwards. My luck runs out eventually, but it's been a good start to the battle for me. Naturally, my next splatting comes more quickly, as my confidence starts to encourage me to be a little more reckless again, but it's all good.

I hit the flank again, surprising the Dual Squelcher, and just about manage to stay out of range of another inkling. I squid around in circles just a little quicker than he expects, and get my Bubbler charged in time to catch him from an unexpected angle. And with the Bubbler popped, two other inklings just look like targets. On top of that, the Tower is being pushed forwards by my squidmates again, giving us a much bigger lead than before. Nice!

I get some height to try to defend, but the limited range of my bucket doesn't quite let me do what I want. Thankfully, the teal team don't quite manage what they want for a bit either, the Tower staying in their side of the museum for longer than expected, running down the clock a little more. Defending is probably the best idea now, more so because of the active Inkzooka.

I don't clear the Tower as it pushes forwards, but I clear its support. My squidmates clear the Tower. With seconds to go, we don't have to do much, but we can't rest either. Another splat here and there prevents the Tower moving forwards, and as the battle ends we rush to hop on to the Tower to end it in our favour. Woomy! And the best battle for me in quite a while.

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