Small splatlings in Rainmaker (11-7, Zink Mini Splatling)

23rd August 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm having another go with the Zinc Mini Splatling. It's pretty tricky to get right. I'm mostly finding that I my shooting stops without my realising, but when I can get the timing right I can almost be effective. I protect our charger at the start of this battle, which is good, then swim right in to the Rainmaker's blast when trying to avoid it, which is less good.

I come back to stop not so much a green push, but green inklings inking the path for a quick push. The Mini Splatling stops just before splatting the Inkzooka, but I think the inkling can't tell where I am, which gives me another go. And I chase a blaster back to our base, and manage to splat them and cover their tracks. That's helpful, I would say.

After that big circle, I get a nice splat from bursting the Rainmaker's Shield, which encourages me to pick it up. The Luna Blaster is extra cheesy with super-quick respawn kit, though, and is already back in the action. Whatever. I come back at the usual speed and am not caught out by a rail runner, nor by the Rainmaker's Shield bursting, and I even splat the Rainmaker. I kinda squid through its little blast absent-mindedly, though.

I grab the Rainmaker again and, not wanting to run headlong in to anyone in particular, hop across the side, accidentally gaining us the lead in the progress. My blast misses the inkling aiming for me, though, so I don't quite manage to press a little farther, but it's progress. My plan to stop the next green push by flanking them doesn't quite work, with my aim letting me down, although the quick run speed of the inklings doesn't help. Either way, our lead is immediately lost.

I get surrounded by green ink a little unwisely, but am incidentally protected as my squidmates splat most of the green team. I do my bit by catching the last. We push forwards, and although I can't quite protect the Rainmaker, I pop my Bubbler and share it to protect the rest of us, and splat the Luna Blaster. As we battle over the Rainmaker, without taking the Rainmaker, the Luna Blaster returns. I splat her again, again helped by my Bubbler. I prefer this method than respawning quickly.

With the Luna Blaster out of the way, I decide to grab the Rainmaker again. I hop on to the platform and hold back as a super-jumper comes in. My blast catches them and, well, it's the Luna Blaster again. That's just annoyingly pointless. Whatever, I see the short-cut over the top of the wall, and go for it. But blasting on the grating doesn't ink below me, and I can't squid ahead afterwards. I am easily caught.

we are pushed back in to defence, which I do quite well at, getting some splats and staying unsplatted for a while. It doesn't help with trying to get the victory as such, but it stops the lead getting greater. And we get one last attempt to win the battle in extra time, but as we didn't get too close in normal time, it's no surprise that we don't get very far this time either.

Still, it was a fun battle and some good practice with the Mini Splatling.

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