This way and that in Tower Control (13-6, Grim Range Blaster)

3rd September 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's a fair exchange to start my splatting, but I was jumping in to a risky position again. I should learn at some point. I take the same route back, despite the Tower being pushed by squidmates, but with some method to my manoeuvres. I hope to get behind the green team, and it pretty much works, although that's probably more because my squidmates already splatted the other team.

Still, there Hero Charger Replica is still there, applying pressure, and I splat him nicely. But there's no green inkling near the Tower for my Killer Wail, which I waste, whereas moving up and aiming it towards the goal would have been better. Even so, we have a convincing lead within the first minute of the battle.

My moves aren't as sneaky as I expect them to be after that, and getting in to close range of a Luna Blaster is rarely a good idea. The Tower trundles on, and despite my advantageous position, I can't topple the Kraken from the Tower, or clear it completely of inklings before our lead is immediately lost. That's pretty unfortunate.

We push the Tower back and clear the inklings out of the way, but it's just a bit too late. What can we do from here? Our first push is thwarted by the other Range Blaster, in rather a better position than I managed, and she even disrupts my trying to sneak around the back.

The Tower gets pushed towards our goal again, and I push a bit more aggressively forwards after the last failure to defend, nearly looking good for a quad splat, if it weren't for the Splat Bomb Rush that comes flying our way. And I would mind losing my Killer Wail more if the green inkling that splats me was on the Tower. But she isn't, and it trundles back to the middle of the Skatepark. That suits me.

We get the Tower moving again, but with some presence of mind to not get caught stubbornly riding the Tower. Hopping off here and there helps protect the push, my Killer Wail points in the right direction, and a squidmate's Bubbler is saved for just the right moment. We retake the lead!

Of course, taking the lead puts us next to the goal, which the Tower hits seconds later, as I'm fumbling to yell a victory 'Nice!' That was a rollercoaster of a battle.

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