Blasts in the Skatepark in Tower Control (12-8, Grim Range Blaster)

4th September 2017 – 7.00 am

Going around the back takes a little longer, but it eventually helps stop the initial push and get the Tower moving in the right direction. Spotting the Blaster heading my way helps me get a nice splat, but I point the Killer Wail in the wrong direction. I should have guessed that perch would be occupied and aimed it that way. So it goes.

The same perch works for me, even before the Tower has gone far, and although maybe I could have stayed up there, I don't think I would have been less vulnerable to the Slosher had I not jumped down. He gets me again on even ground seconds later.

Trying to come around the back of the purple team nearly works, but I tip my hand a little early, giving the E-litre 3K the opportunity to Burst Bomb me from above. I splat the Slosher, at least, but ceding the column to the charger may not be the best result. I head back to see if I can splat her off, which I do, but the Slosher catches me, with some nifty wall clinging. It seems I can splat one or the other of the Slosher and E-litre 3K, but not both.

I try to push the Tower again, but again I aim the Killer Wail towards the base, and not the obvious perch. To be fair, it looked like no one was there as I blasted it, but circumstances change quickly. My squidmates have a ride on the Tower next, and I fall in behind to support.

I think I see the Slosher clinging to another wall, which is nice and sneaky, but I definitely spot the Luna Blaster squidding underneath us. We pause to splat the threat, and, with only a couple of points between the scores, hop back on to take the lead. Hiding helps us extend the lead, but I misgauge the blast radius of a Suction Bomb and I am splatted away.

I would say we've done enough to win the battle, as long as we defend successfully, which makes it obvious where to head. A bit of inky pressure is applied, preventing much of a push, and a decent Killer Wail, at least, stops the Tower in its tracks. From there, a quick attempt to prove that a good defence is a good attack maybe loses the Tower slightly, but it lets me splat the E-litre 3K and Slosher sequentially. Nice!

The clock ticks down, my squidmates retake control of the Tower, and the battle is won. Woomy!

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