Zonal inking in Splat Zones (6-2, Kelp Splat Charger)

6th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Oh boy, that E-litre 3K easily out-ranges my puny Kelp Splat Charger. I am going to have to be wary of him. Sure enough, he blasts ink clear over my head from the perch opposite to mine, where I barely get close to the perch itself. That's cool, I will stick behind the cover as much as possible and, because this is Splat Zones, do my best to cover up his and his squidmates' ink.

Of course, my Killer Wail can give me moments of respite, forcing the E-litre 3K of his perch. Maybe even a splat here and there too. The first Wail doesn't catch anyone, but I see an inkling heading our way, and pull off a really good shot to stop him being a nuisance. I don't quite manage the same when the Carbon Roller comes my way, but I stay safe, even if I perhaps waste a Killer Wail to do so.

The Carbon Roller comes back, from the side this time, and I only just get out of her way. At least she doesn't stick around, and I get back to inking. Some Splat Zones, mostly around the edges, to prevent movement. My Killer Wail charges just as an Inkzooka threatens, and I get a nice splat from that. But the Carbon Roller is back, bringing another inkling with her. I focus on the super-jumper, but the Carbon Roller's ninja squidding catches me off-guard. Nice splat by her.

We're in the lead, but now we have intruders near our base. That could pose problems. I'm really happy to splat the E-litre 3K in the back, and I clear up the Carbon Roller's mess. We lose the Splat Zones as I do this, but you need to work from a good base, or things just get messy. My Killer Wail charges at a good time again, and I manage to hit a squid in mid-air. One of ours, though.

The Carbon Roller's threatening again, with a Seeker Rush, but I get tense and pull my shot. That lets the E-litre 3K push me back a bit. But my Killer Wail charges again, whilst I am in a great position to angle it at the E-litre 3K. That takes some pressure off. Or so I think. The Carbon Roller is now behind me. I dive forwards to escape, and think I do okay, until the Suction Bomb explodes off my shoulder.

My first foray in to the Splat Zones encourages me to stay on the edge, but I need to tidy up again first. My caution pays off, revealing the Carbon Roller, and getting her stuck in my ink to be a fat target. My Killer Wail lets me refill my ink tank, but it's not enough. I need more ink, to counter all that green ink everywhere!

I must be laying down some good ink, as my Killer Wail charges again. I nearly get stuck next to a Suction Bomb whilst aiming it, but not quite, and I continue to cover the green team's mess the best I can. Being forced backwards in to green ink whilst trying to escape a Splat Bomb reminds me of the importance of keeping your turf the right colour, so I tidy up a bit more.

Hopefully my inking around the edges is helping in its way. I like to think so, particularly as we take the lead back from the green team. There's a little blip near the end of the battle, when the green team controls the Splat Zones, but it's not for long, and we win fairly comfortably. Woomy!

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