Forwards and back in Splat Zones (9-2, Tri-slosher)

7th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Sneaking around the back works out okay at the start of this battle. Not great, but I get an easy splat out of it, and help to neutralise the Splat Zones. Another splat jumps in front of my bucket, and I push back the Rapid Blaster nicely, before popping my charged Bubbler to survive some heavy inking.

Echolocating will stop my being sneaky, but that's why I have my Cold-blooded top on. Once the Echolocator drops, I do a 180 and squid up a wall for height, and happily hide behind a squidmate, before getting either away from or closer to a Suction Bomb Rush. Either way, I get a couple more lucky splats.

This aggressive pushing has left our Splat Zones nicely purple, but I feel vulnerable, so head back and get some height to relax for a second. I drop down to tidy up some green ink, and spot some movement. My Disruptor hits and I squid to flank, and our Splatterscope finishes the splat. Nice! Even so, our Splat Zones are neutralised, and threaten to turn green.

I head in to the Splat Zone, Bubbler at the ready, and help to push back the green team, at least for the moment before an Inkzooka catches me by surprise. But that's what they do. Heading down the right stops a green inkling, even if I don't get the splat, and it turns out that an Echolocator is much more helpful than my Disruptors. Maybe if I threw them better.

My squidmates take back control of the Splat Zones, so I leave them to it as I go skirmishing again, as I tend to. I catch the Octoshot Replica, just about, but the Rapid Blaster just about catches me moments later, which is all that pesky weapon has to do, particularly with so much cheesy strength enhancing kit.

Straight down the middle this time, turning back to double-team a green inkling, and that looks like it. I keep one Splat Zone purple as our score ticks to one, and, well, the other Splat Zone becomes green. So it goes. I stay in this Splat Zone, not wanting us to get another buffer to work through, and trust my squidmates to take care of the other one.

All looks good, though, so I squid over to take a tentative look at the other Splat Zone. Ah, it's pretty purple. And completely purple. The battle is won, woomy!

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