Good start goes south in Splat Zones (14-8, Tri-slosher)

7th September 2017 – 7.00 am

Sneaking around the back often works when inklings focus on the Splat Zones. It works fairly well for me in this battle, although the green team get quite far forwards, and I have to work to catch up with them. My skin is saved a bit when I squid forwards quickly, dodging under a Carbon Roller, and my Bubbler charges in good timing to turn the splat around.

Going behind early isn't much of a problem if you can neutralise the other team, and that's what we manage to do. A bit more manic manoeuvring all here and there, up and over walls, and a second well-timed Bubbler gets me some more splats, until I am out-ranged in the Splat Zones. So it goes.

I ink our other flank now, curiously untouched so far, and look to keep myself mobile around and beyond the Splat Zones. Our Roller beats me to a couple of splats, but that works for me, it's a team battle, and it all keeps our score ticking down nicely. I do get a bit antsy in the Splat Zones when a squid gets stuck in ink, and pop my Bubbler only to see our Roller morph in to an inkling. That's cool, I meant to do that.

I remember my Disruptors here and there, putting one to good use against the Dual Squelcher, but am almost immediately counted with a pesky Inkzooka. That's okay, as I come back to the far Splat Zone with good timing to catch a Roller, and an inkling trying to sneak off an Inkstrike. She gets it launched, at least.

Our lead is looking pretty healthy. I'm tempted just to keep skirmishing, but am discouraged from sneaking around the back when an Echolocator hits me. My Cold-blooded jumper shrugs it off soon enough, but I've already turned around. I find myself wondering what to do, whereas their Carbon Roller has my splatting on his mind. I would say I'm lucky to make the splat mutual.

The green team have some time with the Splat Zones, which seems innocent enough, until it continues for long enough to look like they could threaten our lead. I try to do something about it, but it looks like my luck has run out. I get a splat here or there, but I mostly find myself getting splatted, whilst in the Splat Zones, only helping the green team out.

The battle enters extra time as the green team's score gets perilously closer to ours, and my efforts increasingly do little to help. Thank goodness for my squidmates, who spread blue ink in the right places in a timely manner, re-capturing the Splat Zones soon enough to secure our victory. Phew!

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