Sneakiness around the Splat Zones (14-5, Carbon Roller Deco)

8th September 2017 – 7.00 am

The initial battle looks to be over our Splat Zone. But I suppose it would, as that's where I am. We mostly have to fend off the occasional Suction Bomb, whilst I try to work out when it's safe to push forwards. I don't make the best decision. I take a look at the other Splat Zone, but it seems just as contested, and we even capture both for a second. That's good.

As both Splat Zones are being fought over, I head back to ours, which has teal inklings around. My choice to launch a Seeker wasn't great, where a flick would have done, but it works out. I even catch the Rapid Blaster quickly enough to survive, which lets me clean up some ink, and leads me around to a decent place to launch a few Seekers.

I pick a nice time to follow a Seeker. Sure, I run in to three inklings, all shooting ink my way, but a couple of flicks splats the lot of then. A three-for-one trade is pretty good! I move back towards the teal Splat Zone, as that's where the action is, but jink at the sound of an Inkzooka. A bit of height, a Seeker, and following behind just in case gets me a satisfying splat.

I don't do enough to capture the Splat Zone, which I really should, and instead look to catch the Roller coming around the back. But his height advantage really helps, and I'm just a sitting duck. Another Inkzooka is active as I return, and I realise now that they have three Inkzookas on their team! That seems unfair. Either way, another Seeker, another Inkzooka splat. That evens things out, and I head the other way to help capture the teal Splat Zone, albeit a couple of seconds after we lose the lead.

My Seeker Rush splats the Rapid Blaster and pushes back another inkling, who super-jumps away after lobbing a bomb my way. That's fine, as it gives us time to ink over some teal mess. I help get our score ticking over again, and ink our conveyer belt to make our movement smoother, before heading to the teal Splat Zone, teal once more, to get a sneaky splat on the Carbon Roller.

Going back around the other way finds some action. I bide my time, and strike at just the right moment to stop the advancing Splatterscope, mid-Splat Bomb Rush. And we're back in the lead, nice! A bit of lurking has my chasing the Rapid Blaster. I am sure I get enough hits for the splat, but having to push for another hit gets me caught next to his Suction Bomb. I'm not happy with the amount of teal ink that leaves in our Splat Zone, but so it goes.

It all gets a bit messy around our Splat Zone. I try to sneak behind someone throwing Splat Bombs, and just about manage it, but get caught between two inklings, that causes a bit of confusion. I can't turn quickly enough to get the splats I want, and so get splatted myself. I move to the teal Splat Zone instead, where I manage to fake-out the Splatterscope, and lay down a nice chunk of ink in the Splat Zone.

I hang around the teal Splat Zone, trying to be sneak support. I suppose it doesn't work too well when they capture both Splat Zones, but I do just about enough to neutralise the Splat Zone again. Given our lead, and the lack of time left, that's all I really need to do.

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