Trying to survive the Splat Zones (13-8, Carbon Roller Deco)

13th September 2017 – 7.00 am

That barrier is not Seeker friendly, so I head in the other direction, but still don't launch a Seeker. I try to sneak up the back of the moving platform, which seems a bit tricky when you have to ink all the way up the wall first. Somehow, it pays off, but I don't find an inkling to splat on the other side of the office.

I look around the corner, for any inklings on the perch, but they see me coming, and turn in to a Kraken. So it goes. At least the purple team's interest is on me, and my squidmates have got control of the Splat Zones. Not for long, though, neither do we keep the lead for long. I should try to ink some turf. A Seeker Rush may help, if not for the moving platforms, but I just about find an angle to help spread some yellow ink.

Heading back to the purple side has a Seeker find a hidden squid. I'm tempted to hang around, but the Splat Zones are purple, so I turn back, missing seeing the inkling just behind me in favour of the Rapid Blaster right in front of me. I don't think I make much difference. I come back to help out in the Splat Zones, and get another splat on the Rapid Blaster.

But there's something suspect about that Rapid Blaster. On both occasions, the splat has come a couple of seconds before the notification. It makes it seem like someone else got the splat, but the name does eventually turn up. That could spell latent trouble. For now, I keep on trying to help us retake control of the Splat Zones. I get in to perhaps the best position when my Seeker Rush charges, but am thwarted by another Kraken.

At least we had control of the Splat Zones briefly. My return is brief, caught between two Suction Bombs without an idea of what to do, and my next foray in to the Splat Zones has my chasing the Rapid Blaster, getting hits here and there, but having to get really close before securing the splat. Even after that, the latent problem pops up, the Rapid Blaster splatting me a couple of seconds after being splatted. So it goes sometimes.

Heading around the other side lets me drop down near the Splat Zones, but as a Suction Bomb Rush sends bombs flying everywhere. I dodge the two around me and send a Seeker forwards, which hits a mark I wasn't aiming for. A poke over a ledge happily splats the Rapid Blaster by accident, and that charges my Seeker Rush for a healthy amount of ink to be sent across the Splat Zones. Plus another happy accidental splat.

Trying to be cute and hopping to the purple team's perch nearly goes horribly wrong, as the Kraken transforms under my Roller, but luckily he is focussed on a squidmate. Well, lucky for me, not my squidmate. I stay out of trouble, just about dodging the Rapid Blaster enough to let him jump down, where I splat him, with the usual delayed notification. My position lets me get another splat from an inkling looking the other way, and it seems that I may be able to turn this battle around for me.

I get in a tight spot, and try simply to stay out of more trouble. I get a bit caught up in trying to splat an inkling who squids past me, but it's the Rapid Blaster. If the splat came normally, maybe I wouldn't keep flicking, and could evade the attentions of the Aerospray, but things don't always work out as we plan.

The good news is that the Splat Zones stay yellow long enough for us to take the lead, nice! I come back to get a splat, I think, and try to jump and launch a Seeker, which doesn't go well. But there's lots of yellow ink around. Even my opportunistic lurch in to purple territory doesn't dampen my spirits, not as we are so close to winning.

But the Splat Zones turn purple with seconds to go, and the battle enters extra time. Still, all we have to do is stop their counter, so that's what I concentrate on. A splatty trade isn't so bad when I've spread so much yellow ink, and, sure enough, seconds later, the battle ends in our favour. Woomy!

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