Stymied by an inky tower in Tower Control (16-10, Tri-slosher)

15th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm aiming to jump the conveyer belt and slosh the Kelp Splatterscope on the normal perch, but my squid-sense tingles as a Seeker zooms past me. I turn and get a nice early splat, before enacting my plan. Maybe it's good that I wasn't first to make the jump, as the Splatterscope is on the other perch, and picking off inklings looking for her. I turn to make my escape, but am caught by a returning N-ZAP. At least I make that splat mutual.

I get myself in a bit of an inky mess chasing one inkling, getting caught in some crossfire, but I think the other inkling loses interest in me. I move around to put the first inkling in our own crossfire, before squidding towards the Tower, running in to another inkling. My luck runs out quickly when trying to dodge the Splatterscope, though.

It's not easy being sneaky when Echolocated. I should probably ditch my Bomb Throwing T-shirt for the Cold-blooded T-shirt, as I don't use Disruptors nearly enough, but dropping the Echolocator quickly is worth doing. Saying that, I chuck a Disruptor at the Inkzooka just outside our base. I don't think it hits, though. I have to go around the side instead. I don't get to the Tower quickly, but I get two splats before I'm reminded why you don't run head-on in to teal ink.

I see an opportunity to sneak up on the Splatterscope, which is the perfect time to have an Echolocator drop on me. Still, the inklings pay me little mind, which would work better for me if I didn't start sloshing a touch too early. Going back the same way has the Splatterscope looking my way, which may inadvertently save my skin. I am cautious in inking ahead, and hit a hiding inkling.

The inkling I hit licks their wounds in the ink, but as the Tower approaches it provides some cover. I squid out, and hit one inkling in the corner, squidding through their puddle with a Bubbler ready to splat two more inklings. An Inkzooka behind me doesn't faze me, but again I get carried away and slosh too early. I still get the splat, and one more, before I'm stopped. That was a nice streak.

My squidmates are pushing the Tower as I return, so I hit the flank to support, but get frustrated by an irritating hopper, just as the Tower sits on the balance of giving us the lead. I finally splat the N-ZAP and move to hop on to the Tower, but a Suction Bomb inks the edges, and I can't squid on top. I'm splatted away by an Octoshot Replica, and snatching the lead slips from our grasp.

I'm not Echolocated, I'm Haunted! It's just as bad, though, as evidenced by the Splatterscope easily picking me off. I come back with good intentions, but get caught up in a pointless feud, which I really should have won much earlier, but instead only get a draw when the Inkzooka charges and gets pulled out. I should have supported the Tower instead. With under twenty seconds to go, I think we've lost our shot.

I have one more attempt to get splatted by an Inkzooka, which I pull off with aplomb, and the battle is over. I think I could have done better.

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