Squidding around the pit in Tower Control (12-4, Tri-slosher)

16th September 2017 – 7.00 am

What's this, I'm not going immediately for the E-litre 3K Scope? Not this time. A bit of caution instead, just working out who is going where. The E-litre 3K looks to be on the normal perch, ripe for a jump-slosh, but if she's good I could be splatted mid-air. Besides, there are two inklings in front of me. One is sloshed quickly, the other plants a Beakon that uses up some ink. And the E-litre shoots behind me. I survive, though, and my squidmates push the Tower.

What the hell, I'll pressure the E-litre 3K. But, of course, the range of the charger, particularly the scoped variant, means she is standing further back than I thought and can reach, so this is a doomed attempt from the start. I hit her with a Disruptor, though, which is something, right before I turn my back on a returning inkling who splats me.

All looks copacetic as I return, so I avoid the gaze of the E-litre 3K and hit the blind side, where a Splattershot appears from. My movement puts me behind her, so the splat comes relatively smoothly, and I work around the side to see another Beakon placed. Destroying that nearly gets me splatted by the E-litre 3K, but a deft dodge gets me out safely. That Echolocator could get me in trouble, though, but my Bubbler comes to the rescue.

Heading around the support the Tower doesn't help us get any further, or my survival rate. I come back to help repel the orange push, and see the Dual Squelcher no doubt planting more Beakons. I throw a Disruptor that hits, but the one-way wall doesn't help me get close. I turn my attention to the Tower, but my angle and being outnumbered gets me in to more trouble than I can handle. At least my squidmates get control of the Tower back.

I hit the flank again, an Echolocator guiding me the way, but the E-litre 3K's reactions are pretty good. Not good enough to evade me completely, which is good, and I move on to destroy yet another Beakon. That upsets the Dual Squelcher, it seems. As the splat was mutual, and I bump in to the Dual Squelcher really close to our base, I suspect some super-jumping was done. It doesn't matter, though, as a Disruptor and close-range work in my favour.

I lay down some ink and skirmish for a bit, probably wasting my Bubbler whilst wasting my ink by sloshing it over my head, and eventually the action comes my way. I keep myself moving, the ink flowing, and the occasional splat coming, which is mostly enough to help keep our lead. I am tempted on to the Tower at one point, and encouraged to leap right off again as a Killer Wail is aimed at it, but, again, as a team we manage to prevent the orange team taking the Tower too far in the wrong direction.

In the end, it's a moderately comfortable victory. No great moves were made with the Tower, but we did enough and weren't threatened too much in losing the lead we forged.

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