Going two down in Splat Zones (7-5, Tri-slosher)

18th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

One inkling is left for dust on the base as the rest of us leave. I'm sure she'll catch up. I'm buoyed by my early splat on the E-litre 3K to think more of it. I do some diversionary inking, but feel no pressing need to head around the back just yet, and drop down to the main floor again. The purple team ink the Splat Zones, but a bit of patience draws one of them to me, and I surprise splat them before moving in to cover the purple ink.

Splat Zones neutralised, that E-litre 3K needs a little pressure if we're going to take control of the Splat Zones again. I move up on to the platform, knowing that the E-litre 3K won't be beaten quite so simply again, but my Bubbler is charged. Naturally, the E-litre 3K has moved away, but a Splattershot has appeared to get splatted whilst I'm safe in the Bubbler, and a bit of indiscriminate sloshing finds the charger anyway. And we're back in the lead, nice!

I'm splatted back to base to see our inkling still slouching there. She disappears a few seconds later, not having moved, putting us one down. That is unfortunate, but we seem to have done okay up until now. We battle over the Splat Zones for a bit, and I am splatted away when I get a bit close to the Splattershot, and everything still seems evenly contested.

I head back to sneak up the back of the moving platform, which maybe works a little, but am faced by an N-ZAP, feared by me and my bucket. She stumbles backwards, though, and my Bubbler chargers. I'm not sure where she goes, but I splat something, and follow the only possible ink trail around the side. I think this is where she went, and maybe she did, but I run in to the Splattershot again. My Bubbler charges a moment too late.

My route around the side of the platform works like a charm this time, surprising the E-litre 3K and the N-ZAP. The Splat Zones are purple, though, and we lose the lead. Well, too late to save them directly, so I check the perch for inklings first, before dropping down to help with the Splat Zones directly. We retake control, but only until I am hit in the middle of the Splat Zones by an Inkzooka. So it goes.

The E-litre 3K bamboozles me as I return, using a Ninja Squid t-shirt when I don't expect it, playing me perfectly to hit me with Burst Bombs. And now we really look like we're in trouble, as a second inkling is staring in to space on our base. Never mind, we can only do our best. But with so little ink on our side, and the purple team pressing high as a result, I can barely get to the Splat Zones before the battle is lost.

It wasn't a bad battle, really, particularly as we were an inkling down from the start. These things happen.

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