Clearing a path in Tower Control (14-7, Grim Range Blaster)

26th September 2017 – 7.00 pm

Disruptors are being thrown everywhere at the start of this battle. I dunno who's doing it, but thankfully none of them are hitting me. I'm also not hitting anything myself, so as soon as a gap appears I try to do something positive and clamber on to the Tower. I do my best to avoid Suction Bombs, which I manage, and to splat oncoming inklings, which I fail miserably at. But when I'm splatted off the Tower, a squidmate exacts revenge.

I come back to defend the first green push, and get a nifty flying direct hit to splat one inkling off the Tower. But the whole gang is there, and I'm in the middle of the rest of them. I don't last long. I tidy up a bit coming back, and move up as a super-jumper lands to accidentally steal two splats from a squidmate. I hope he doens't mind.

I have another go on the Tower. Disruptors are still flying here and there, and seem to be effectively hitting. I could perhaps abuse their effects more if the Tower wasn't carrying me in the opposite direction, but that's its own blessing, and I get a healthy distance further than before, thanks to some excellent shielding from a squidmate. I nearly get my Burst Bombs working for me too.

I try to keep the push going on my return, but my dreadful aim is obvious when I miss the Roller on the Tower. So it goes. My next attempt at being useful goes just as bad. I nearly splat an inkling, but the hit isn't strong enough, and retreating from that inkling and a mate of hers gets me in to watery trouble. How embarrassing.

At least I splat the Roller when the Tower comes our way, although quite how I still miss so much I don't know, and I am pretty much tossed aside by the .52 Gal when spotted. Our lead is big enough that sneaking around the back of the Tower shouldn't compromise us too much, but that doesn't account for returning green inklings distracting me. I could push on, but that could get me splatted in the back, so I turn to engage. Again, I dunno if my aim lets me down or I'm just a bit unlucky. Either way, I get the splat too late, and the green team push the Tower to steal the lead.

I help clear the Tower, too late of course, with a Killer Wail, and an escapee with my Blaster, before squidding around ineffectively. We've got a long way to take the Tower to get the lead again, but we should have time to do it, if we can. We don't really get far with the first attempt, my shooting not really helping, but we get control and try again. I'm not happy that it takes three indirect hits to splat the Roller, what with my stripey jumper of added strength, but I'm happy that my Killer Wail helps clear the path ahead of inklings.

It looks clear enough that I have a bit of hope that we can steal the lead back again, particularly with squidmates super-jumping to my aid. I just need to stay out of harm's way a bit. I hide on the Tower as best I can, and, thanks to only needing to point immediately in front of me, get a direct hit that keeps the most threatening ink away. Even better, two green inklings looking to squid on to the Tower don't quite stick, and fall off in to the water.

Yes, the lead is ours again! The goal doesn't look too far away now, but despite my best efforts I am ousted from the Tower shortly before getting the knockout victory. That's fine, though, because we have the lead, the Tower is next to the green base, and they have to push it back across the entire map in extra time to win. Some simple defence clears the green team from the Tower, and the battle is over. Woomy!

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