Museum of Splat Zones (12-3, Carbon Roller Deco)

1st October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Inking the rotating wall is no mistake, it's preparation for a sneaky slide across to the central column. Not making the jump to the other side is a mistake, though. Never mind, I roll with it, ink the Splat Zones a little, and give it another try. There's not much to do up there, as it turns out, and I can't resist dive-bombing the Dual Squelcher. The active Echolocator gets me another splat, and from there I can help recover the Splat Zones.

I head across to the other side again and find a position to use my Seeker Rush. It doesn't get splats, but there's lots of disruptive green ink. A squidmate saves my skin from a blaster too, which is appreciated. There's not much to do, that I can see, apart from maybe an inkling below me. But they are hidden in the ink, and I can hear a blaster approach.

Finding the blaster gets an unsporting splat in the back, and a vantage point to see another dive-bombing opportunity. And from there, I can splat an inkling holding a Killer Wail. It's all going quite smoothly so far. Even jumping back across to the blue side, straight towards the Luna Blaster, only ends in my getting another splat. Am I invulnerable? Nope! But it is the suspiciously low-level, probably smurf who eventually splats me.

I return with an opportunistic Seeker splat, and use my inked wall to get across to the centre column, where I trade splats with the smurf. That'll do, particularly as a squidmate's Splat Bomb Rush recaptures the Splat Zones for us. My sneakiness on the wall doesn't work so well when I fall off, but so it goes sometimes, and I just wait to make my return, bypassing all the attention aimed towards our base, and roll through the Splat Zones to splat the smurf from behind.

I get my Seeker Rush working, but not to good effect. The inkling lobbing Splat Bombs on me isn't paying enough attention, though, as I manage to close the gap and splat them where they hide. Squidding around gets another splat from above, kind of, and I roam a bit before realising that the extra inkable block near the base isn't here in Splat Zones, and beat a hasty retreat.

I don't really have to run far, though. The Splat Zones were green, and we were seconds away from the knockout victory. Woomy!

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