Finding my position in Splat Zones (8-3, Kelp Splat Charger)

10th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I aim more to the left than I want, so that I don't shoot a squidmate's head, but none of them jump, which is good. My first Sprinkler throw is a little off, but as they don't bounce they're not easy to aim. The second hits its mark, and I set myself up centrally. Despite this, I can't keep up with the inking of two green inklings, nor can hit them directly, and the green team take an early lead.

I drop down to plant my Killer Wail, so that I don't need to angle it poorly, but end up getting the angle wrong from lack of visibility. Hopefully I can correct for that next time. Just as we are maybe getting more ink in to the Splat Zones, in come dual Inkstrikes, probably from the N-ZAPs. Those are nifty weapons for Splat Zones, I have to say. A bit of splatting, and using my Splat Charger against the green Sprinklers, eventually, lets us take some control over the battle.

With this control comes the confidence to move forwards. Getting on top of the central column offers a good advantage to a charger, and I do my best to keep the paths available to the green team inked off, as well as getting some splats from my vantage point. I lack a bit of range to be a big threat, but I am still a threat. It takes one Inkstrike to push me off the column, and a second to keep me off, which lets a the Splash-o-matic pounce.

I head back to to the column, planting Sprinklers and regaining ink before popping up to look for splats. The first is a juicy direct hit, which I follow-up with another good shot, but even with almost a full charge it bounces off the Splattershot Pro. Before I get another attempt, a Suction Bomb from the Rush of the Splattershot Pro catches a friendly Inkstrike to detonate immediately, splatting me away. He's got only one minor Defence upgrade too, which hardly counters my major Strength upgrade, so I don't know why my shot didn't splat him. So it goes.

Going back to the same place gets me in to trouble quickly, with inky pressure coming from multiple sources and directions, which indicates a shift in balance in the battle. I should change tack too, to counteract this shift. I head down the side to an alternative perch. It looks a bit green around there, but I should be able to cope with that. And I get a really nice splat immediately on a squidding inkling, which perks me up.

I get to work inking turf and pressuring the green inklings, also realising that I need to keep that channel coming directly towards me inked, to slow down inklings gunning for me. One comes along immediately, and although my partially charged shot doesn't get the splat, it forces the inkling to hide to recover. That he hides right under my nose doesn't help with his survival, though.

I keep inking, and destroying Sprinklers, as good chargers should do, and with some excellent inking from my squidmates, we take the lead! My perch is threatened again, but because of keeping the channel purple, I see the threat coming and, with a straight line for him to squid down, I get the splat to keep myself safe. I still lack just that little extra range to be a constant threat to the green team, but I my Splat Charger mostly keeps them at bay, and I have the occasional Killer Wail to extend further.

As the seconds run down, the green team feel the pressure to capture our Splat Zone. That causes one inkling to dash forwards recklessly, which I completely understand, and her focus on the Splat Zone lets me splat her. And that splat helps ensure the battle doesn't enter extra time, and our victory. Woomy!

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