Sloshing all over the Skatepark in Splat Zones (17-4, Tri-slosher)

11th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Can I get behind the green team and cause some disruption to start the battle? Yes, and kind of. The green inklings have moved up, so I don't really catch them by surprise, but my delayed appearance helps our team by adding some finishing ink here and there. With the situation under control, I move up and loiter. It's not the best position to loiter, to be honest, which is why I pop up early. Thankfully, it works for me this time, but I don't push my luck and hang around.

I squid around the Splat Zones, and ink a wall that's often overlooked, holding on it as a Suction Bomb Rush flies in. But a blue Inkstrike pacifies the situation, and an Echolocator shows me an inkling in a different corner. I head across to do something about that, and get my bucket working well to slosh over my head. I miss an Inkzooka, though, but I head back to recapture one Splat Zone, at least briefly. My inky splat puddle turns it quite green moments later.

One of our flanks looks quite green, so I head that way, somewhat recklessly, to do something about it. An inkling is still active, and in a good position. I shouldn't be allowed to get where I do, but I get there, and although the inkling departs behind the wall, my Tri-slosher just laughs at their attempt to escape and splats them anyway.

I move around to look at the Splat Zones, now firmly green, but decide to neutralise any threat on the central column first, in case I am picked off from above. But the threat is on the floor to start with, and nearly splats me on my squidding up the wall, my making it only thanks to popping my Bubbler. There follows some chasing of inklings, somehow surviving an Ink Mine and narrowly avoiding a Seeker, and ultimately surviving and recapturing one Splat Zone with a few more splats under my belt.

Once things calm down, I get some height again and lob a Disruptor here, a Disruptor there. One inkling of two is hit, and I drop down to claim the splat. I splat the disrupted inkling, then look for the one that got away. He went down our flank, and I find him and again us my bucket's sloshing power to its advantage. I head back to look after the blue Splat Zones, but an Echolocater reveals an inkling super-jumped to the one I just splatted, so I turn and deal with them instead, popping my Bubbler a bit late, but just in case.

Ignoring the Splat Zones for a splat turns them green again, although I think that would have happened anyway, and given us a threat on our flank. I don't head to the Splat Zones to ink them, knowing the ink would just be covered by ink, and look for the source of the ink instead. A flanking move gets two splats and reduces the green ink output nicely, and I somehow come out unsplatted to help recover the Splat Zones. I don't feel that lucky, though, so retreat to be safe.

I find a place to watch and wait, happy that the Splat Zones are blue and our E-litre 3K is on the central column. I move when I feel I've done enough sitting, and take an unexpected route for one inkling. My Bubbler keeps me safe in a hostile position, but I know it will disappear, so look for the Inkzooka. I lag behind the inkling a bit, and get myself in to a whole lot of ink, which ends up getting me splatted.

My route back is beset by green ink, but I find a gap and exploit it, chasing an inkling look to set-up on our flank, and putting a stop to it. Chasing the Splat-o-matic turns out to be harder, although I splat him just as he pulls out an Inkzooka. I turn my attention to the Splat Zones, and see if I can slosh over the inkling launching Seekers, but he disappears in to the ink. I ink the Splat Zones instead, but am fighting the tide of green ink, and don't react in time to the seeking Seeker. I don't think I deserve the squidbagging, though.

As time runs out, it seems sensible to concentrate ink in the Splat Zones, but maybe not as a splat puddle of the wrong colour, as a mis-judged Disruptor causes me to run out of ink and be defenceless. But my squidmates have done enough, keeping control of the other Splat Zone, so that extra time is short, and the victory is ours. Woomy!

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