Charging to the goal in Tower Control (5-1, Kelp Splat Charger)

12th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Two chargers per team. This should be interesting. My first engagement starts with a nervy shot from me and him, but I get my second shot off just before his, and get a decent splat that boosts my confidence. I check the other direction, and help push the other charger back. Rather than waste my Killer Wail immediately, I decide to hop on to the Tower instead, and then waste my Killer Wail.

As the blue chargers come back, me and my charger squidmate hold the Tower and try to pick them off. It comes as a bit of a surprise when the Carbon Roller effortlessly splats us off the Tower. We both come back to hold defensive positions, but our non-charger squidmates do a great job of stopping the blue push and retaking control of the Tower, letting us push forwards too.

As the Tower goes in one direction, I look in the other, finding one of the Splatterscopes as I do. As she has just released a charge, I have the opportunity to pop up and get a shot in, which does just enough damage to splat her. The Carbon Roller comes my way, and although my first shots miss, they lay down ink that slows the Roller, and I get another partially charged splat.

The Tower keeps moving, and I try to cover it, not very well, with a Killer Wail. I follow up to help push the Tower, and get a couple of good splats to take some inky pressure off our advance. The remaining blue inklings are distracted by the antics of our squidmates, letting us trundle safely to the goal. That was a smooth ride. Woomy!

Hmm, perhaps the ride was smooth because of the lack of Rapid Blaster. I don't remember seeing her. Oh well, I hope the blue team didn't lose many ranking points as a result.

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