One good push is all it takes in Tower Control (17-6, Tri-slosher)

13th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

Despite the Splatterscope on the other team, there's no leaping off the conveyer belt for me. It's too risky, and the charger isn't always on that perch. Indeed, she isn't this time, but my bucket can slosh upwards to catch her unawares for the splat. I hear a second hit, so slosh upwards a bit more for another splat, before turning around to see what the Tower is doing. I don't get far before threatened by the Range Blaster, so I have to drop off the top of the conveyer belt, and pop my Bubbler to keep me safe, which lasts for a splat after that too. So far so good.

I think the Tower is coasting back to the centre, but I don't notice the green squid on the icon at the top of the screen, neither the squid icons on the Tower itself, both showing it is occupied. I tried to hop on, when I should have been sloshing. Never mind, my squidmates reclaim the Tower as I act as decoy.

I come back to see what I can do about the Splatterscope. Push her back for a moment. Not too bad, maybe I can do more riding the Tower. A green Bubbler encourages me to hop off, and a Suction Bomb encourages me to pop my own Bubbler. I use that to take some pressure off the Tower, before circling the long way around a Splash Wall, letting me drop down on an Instrike being launched, and push the Splatterscope away again.

I chase the Range Blaster, rather foolishly, with only my Bubbler saving me again, before turning around to support the Tower, starting with a nice flying slosh to splat one inkling. I spot another inkling mucking around behind us, and move to see what I can do, but the little tyke starts hopping around like an idiot. I don't much like that. The squidbagging afterwards only reinforces my impression of inklings who jump everywhere.

I head around the side to see what I can do about the Splatterscope again. This time, thanks to a better Disruptor throw, I am able to splat her. Unfortunately, it's while the Tower is going in the wrong direction. I would help with that, but I've run out of ink. My squidmates have it under control, though, and it seems that the Tower doesn't want me on it, so I see what I can do about the green team. Get pointlessly stuck between three of them and brutally splatted, it seems.

Retreating from the Range Blaster works out well, when I take a sneaky route back forwards, catching an Inkstrike being launched again, and I smoothly move up to clear the Tower. But I miss, or ignore, the other inkling by the side of me to leap forwards and press the Splatterscope again. Not a bad idea in itself, I suppose, but I do just get in the middle of a Splat Bomb Rush I cannot escape from, whilst the inkling I let go rides the Tower in to the lead. Not a smart move from me.

There's not much I can do immediately on my return, as Bubblers are active ahead of me, but at least my squidmates have stopped the Tower. I push up through the sea of green to hop on to the Tower, but it dodges me quite effectively, so I just move up and get a couple of splats instead. Then the Tower lets me on. I think it just wanted me to be safe all along. Nice Tower.

We only have seconds left in the battle, and one last push available to us. My Bubbler helps me stay unsplatted, if not on the Tower, but that only lasts so long, and without splatting the green inklings away the torrent of green ink hitting the Tower eventually overwhelms us. A purple super-jumping ring gives me hope that we can keep the battle alive, but a green inkling hops on to the Tower before our squidmate lands, ending the battle with them victorious. Good battle, everyone.

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