Running a little out of steam in Tower Control (16-8, Tri-slosher)

13th October 2017 – 7.00 am

With no charger on the opposite team, I start the battle by sensibly inking turf. An opportunistic Disruptor throw hits an inkling, by its sound, which encourages me to push forwards for the splat, which I don't get, but I surprise the Carbon Roller, and pop my Bubbler to disappoint the Slosher. A quick circle around the centre shows no inklings, which makes it time to ride the Tower.

The Tower ride is not particularly smooth, hopping on and off for splats or to avoid being splatted, but it's a steady movement forwards. I quite like hiding from the Slosher's Inkzooka, only to return at just the right time to catch him dropping down from his perch of safety. I do some turf maintenance after that, dodging the Carbon Roller effectively, but failing to catch him from behind to stop him splatting a squidmate. That ultimately gets me splatted too. So it goes.

I have to avoid the Rapid Blaster on my return, which is never an easy feat, but doing so puts me in a good position to splat a different inkling, as a squidmate splats the Rapid Blaster. That neutralises the teal team's push, and I move the Tower back to the centre of the Pit. I hop off to discourage the Slosher from sitting on the perch, which I do, and then get caught up with the Carbon Roller, before seeing if the Slosher is back on the perch. He is, but there's not much I can do. He drops down anyway, and I get the splat, but by recklessly approaching directly, getting me splatted too. I'll take it, as it means my squidmates keep pushing the Tower.

This is a great lead my squidmates are creating! I add some ink to the attack, and a 'Nice!' for morale, as all looks clear, but the Carbon Roller is attacking from behind. That wouldn't be a problem, as he gets splatted in the process, except the Rapid Blaster is back there too, and I have to retreat or be splatted too. Still, that's a lead that will be difficult to beat.

I pull back and look for opportunity, seeing it as the Carbon Roller heads around the side. To be honest, waiting directly in his flicking path was not a good idea, and it's mostly luck that I get away with it. I try to get the Tower moving again, but I have trouble hopping on, and the Slosher looks to be trying on the other side. I have my Bubbler ready to help me out, but it looks like I don't need it when I fall over the edge of the conveyer belt. The Carbon Roller has other ideas.

We're defending again on my return, and a Disruptor combines nicely with an Instrike to get a splat and clear the Tower, just as me on the Tower combines with the Rapid Blaster effectively for a teal-team splat. I think my mojo is starting to wear off, as I run straight in to a Seeker, miss seeing an inkling squid past me, and get splatted a few more times in quick succession.

The battle enters extra time as the teal team are on the Tower, but our lead remains huge, and we have plenty of turf available when we just need to defend one more time, so I head back the long way as a bit of a luxury. It looks like my choice of paths is a good one, avoiding the Inkzooka and getting in to position to slosh over the Tower, when a second Inkzooka hits me from my flank.

I come back to try again, still with a healthy amount of time, but just as I get there my squidmates have cleared the Tower to give us the victory. Woomy!

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