Going most of the way with the Rainmaker (17-7, Carbon Roller Deco)

14th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm not quite sure what's a good opening for a Carbon Roller in the Museum for Rainmaker, so I just ink some turf before deciding to move forwards to burst the Rainmaker. The green team are more organised in that respect, though, but at least I can stop their first push. A Seeker Rush from behind a corner keeps me safe and bursts the Rainmaker free again, and, with some support, I make a run for it.

I make a good fist of carrying the Rainmaker with my first attempt! With some excellent support from my squidmates, and some uncharacteristically cautious movement and sensible blasting with the Rainmaker, I get almost to the rotating platform before I'm caught from the side. That'll do nicely. On top of that, my squidmates are in a good position to continue the push! It's worth super-jumping back to.

Indeed, a dunking looks imminent as I fly through the air, but the green team just about stop my squidmate a moment before the Rainmaker is dunked. We're still looming, though, and although the green team burst the Rainmaker, it's not their's yet. I sensibly hop back to avoid the shield bursting, and leap forwards to make a grab for the free Rainmaker. It looks like I can turn and squid up the already inked podium, but the Splatterscope squirts a timely shot to prevent a dunking for a second time.

The next super-jump is a bit more reckless, and with us out of the way the green team clear their base. They carry the Rainmaker a decent distance too, but a flying flick from yours truly stops it, before I turn to take care of the Splatterscope. I'm spotted, though, and she saves her Splat Bomb Rush for me, which is nice of her. It's also pretty fun to see her lob bombs everywhere as I sink in to the ink.

I'm hit with an Echolocator as I return to the action, which seems like a bit of an impediment. But I prefer to think of it as bringing more targets my way. An abrupt turn and Seeker launch catches one inkling as she rounds the corner, another assumes my position as the Echolocator drops. Two splats to me, not a bad result from being stalked. If only my flicking was as good against the Rainmaker moments later.

I take an indirect route back to the action, letting me flank a freshly activate Inkzooka for a very satisfying splat, before I go looking for the Splatterscope again. But again she waits with a Splat Bomb Rush. At least this time I dodge it, even if my squidmate with the Rainmaker doesn't. But we've got the Rainmaker over here again, which is excellent. I try to use a Seeker Rush to our advantage, but am foiled by a single Splat Bomb. Quality is often better than quantity.

I bumble around being somewhat ineffective in myself, but still considered enough of a credible threat to cause the Rainmaker pause, and to be hunted by another inkling, which helps us. And as the clock ticks down, we just have to stop the Rainmaker for the victory. I get in to a good position, anticipate the Rainmaker's movement, and use a precision flick to end the battle barely in to extra time. Woomy!

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