So much splatting in Tower Control (22-8, Tri-slosher)

14th October 2017 – 7.00 am

A bit of caution and turf control seems like a good way to start any battle. Moving back from the Dynamo Roller is just good advice in general. My squidmate splats her, though, giving me the opportunity to move up. The Splat Roller tries to get away, and following her gets the splat and the higher ground to clear the Tower. I hop on to the Tower to move it the other way, and hop off to splat the Inkzooka. A bit of mayhem follows that I don't really understand, and am frankly just happy my Bubbler keeps me safe.

I'm splatted as I track the wrong inkling, but at least I don't squid right in to the Suction Bomb ahead of me when I return. I've been doing that a lot lately. The green team push the Tower a little further, and I leave that to my squidmates as I go skirmishing. They seem to have it under control, and at least I trade my splatting for two green inklings.

A squidmate seems absent on our base, but I see him returned a little later, so that's okay. I get lucky when I don't quite track the Roller, and her flick goes awry, but use my position to clear a path to the Tower and get it moving again. We take the lead, just about, as a whole lot of ink explodes around us.

I exercise some more turf control, and push the Tower a little, before I'm tempted to find engage more inklings. I see one head down towards the empty sections of the Pit, probably looking to charge her Special, which I find a little peculiar, to be honest. A good Disruptor hit is followed by some poor sloshing. No wonder I can't hit with a charger if I can't hit with a bucket. I pop my Bubbler as a precaution. I probably need it.

I get lucky against the Roller again, but not the next time. Still, my squidmates are pushing the Tower really well, getting close to the goal, and super-jumping to the Tower doesn't even get me splatted, as I land to be imbued with a Bubbler. Nice! Not so nice is showing my poor aim with the bucket again against the Splattershot. So it goes.

There seem to be inklings all around the empty sections of the Pit, on both teams. This is ignoring the objective to an impressive degree. I try to flush one out, to pass the time, given we have an enormous lead, and nearly muff my chance. Thankfully, my Bubbler is on hand to refill my ink tank and make up for my falling off the ledge. I feel a bit silly, though. At least I pop back up to support the Tower. Kind of.

I mis-time my Disruptor throw, and it is absorbed in to a Bubbler, and although I get mighty lucky against a close-range Dynamo Roller, the Inkzooka finds me with unerring accuracy. But as the battle winds down, I have my finest moment. The green team are pushing the Tower, with low chance of taking the lead, and I hit them head-on, as the Kraken transforms back to inkling, and keep my feet on the Tower to end the battle in our favour.

It's been a long time since I've had hit twenty or more splats. Those last three really made the difference.

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