Having a blast in the museum in Tower Control (12-7, Grim Range Blaster)

16th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

That E-litre 3K could pose us problems. I head to the flank, wondering if she'll come down that way, but I find a different inkling. It's perhaps a little reckless to squid up to the ledge towards an inkling that knows I'm coming, but aiming directly down a short straight corridor is within my skill range, and I get a splat. I keep going, wondering if I've been spotted yet, but I haven't, which lets me get another direct hit. And around the corner I finally find the E-litre 3K, somewhat overwhelmed by yellow ink. A Burst Bomb splats my target just fine.

The Tower is coming towards me, which is excellent, so I hang around to provide some support. My Killer Wail gets a splat, and, using the rotating platform for cover, I get some indirect hits that combine with squidmates' ink for a couple of splats. I run in to the E-litre 3K again, and again use Burst Bombs for more reliably close-range splatting.

The Tower keeps moving forwards, and I keep looking for ways to support it. My aim or range isn't always on the mark, but I track the Tower and hop back on when it gets moved backwards a little. I still don't quite hit my targets to keep the pressure off, and also don't squid away from a Suction Bomb quickly enough. Even so, we nearly hit the goal, giving us a huge lead so early in the battle.

I return as we recapture the Tower, but just run in to a hiding inkling, so take a less direct route back the next time. I'm aiming for the E-litre 3K, but a bit of a bumbling move, and some approaching blue ink, encourages me to try a jump-and-shoot, which almost works. An Echolocator encourages me to retreat, and when I circle around to try again I just miss spotting the Inkstriker to do anything about it.

I keep going forwards, in to a sea of blue ink, our opponents having reclaimed all their turf quite efficiently. I move around and spy a ripple in the ink. My Burst Bombs do their job, finding the inkling and preventing their easy movement, but two don't finish the job. Thankfully, squidding backwards lets me get a direct hit. Nice! I chase a blue inkling trying to do the same as me, but she gets away. Not a problem, the Tower is moving forwards anyway.

My support for the Tower is a bit puny this time, but my squidmates are doing okay without me. For a while, anyway. I hit the flank again on my return, and bumble with blasting the E-litre 3K. But even my bumbling is enough. I don't think she realises where the shots are coming from. Hopping on the Tower mid-blue Suction Bomb Rush is daring, but pays off when I get a direct hit on the Bomb Rusher, which is more effective than hiding from the .52 Gal.

Back at base, we have an interloper. We can't have that. Naturally, it's not too easy to displace them, particularly with a Sprinkler acting as blocker, but getting a mutual splat is a pretty good result, I would say, particularly as they could have been a big disruption for anyone splatted back here. I tidy up a bit, then go to hit the flank again, until an Echolocator drops on me, at which point I provide some basic support.

Loitering in the middle of the Museum lets me see the N-ZAP sneaking around to camp our base again. Not on my watch. The Killer Wail is overkill, but gets my point across. And at least I don't need to deal with her when the E-litre 3K splats me back to base seconds later. As time runs out, I move up to support our control of the Tower, for the battle to end smoothly, and nearly get a decent multi-splat, but blue ink catches up to me before I can get the shots out.

In the end, our lead isn't threatened at all, the blue team never having pushed the Tower past the mid-way point. Woomy!

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