More hits than misses in Splat Zones (15-4, Carbon Roller Deco)

19th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

If I had a bucket, I'd be looking for that E-litre first thing. But I don't, and it would be crazy to try it with a Carbon Roller, so I just ink some turf sensibly. I try to stay out of trouble too, but, as is always the case in Splatoon, trouble finds me. At least I keep the inkling away from our Splat Zone, and my squidmates capture theirs, to give us an early lead.

Moving up to help recover the purple Splat Zone with a Seeker Rush is not a bad idea. Jumping down to follow my Rush straight in to a Splat Bomb could have gone better. I launch a Seeker on my return, as it always seems sensible to do so when the ink will be recovered immediately. You never know who you may hit. No one this time, but I follow up, hide, and get a splat from a bit of patience.

We don't quite turn the Splat Zone green, but it's close. I'm not sure what I'm waiting for either, to be honest. But my waiting, and lack of ink, flushes out the E-ltire 3K, just right for a squidmate to get splatted by him. Even so, my Seeker still hits its mark. My plan to ink the Splat Zone with a new Seeker Rush goes awry when an inkling works his way around me. One Seeker gets him, which is fun, but I still don't manage to capture the Splat Zone, and get myself suckered in to the wrong engagement this time.

Inking a new route gives us new opportunity after being splatted, and is coincidental with one inkling below me, and dropping down to splat them has another pass above me. That splat takes more than one flick, but I bag the double. The purple Splat Zone is still quite purple, but I don't fancy rolling in to it unprotected. I send a Seeker one way as a distraction as I squid the other way, but it still splats someone, and in about the same time as my flicking at the E-litre 3K does. He was pretty resilient.

I think my Seeker Rush will finally capture the purple Splat Zone, but I run out before I jink enough to the left. I am about to roll over the rest of the purple ink, but that would do no good with fresh ink coming in, so I try to splat away the source of the ink, only to find myself thoroughly surrounded by threats. So it goes.

The purple team make their move, and capture our Splat Zone. Best not to rush in to trouble and make things worse, so I head around the side, all the better to splat the Inkzooka from behind! A Seeker finds its target too, and although we lose the lead, we stop the purple team before the damage gets too bad. Another bunch of Seekers has one crossing half the Pit to find the E-litre 3K again. You have to love Seekers.

I tidy up some purple mess, including the brush, and wait for the incoming super-jumper to be disappointed in his landing. My squidmates have control of the Splat Zones, so I squid back to our own to ensure it's remaining a solid green, before squidding the long way around to add my support. It's not long before we've retaken the lead, and look to be very much in control! Nice!

I hear an Inkzooka and, as is my ego, am sure I can splat it. I don't figure for a Killer Wail to be aimed right at me with no chance for escape, but I still splat the Inkzooka. There's not long left on my return, and all that's needed is light maintenance here and there, just enough ink thrown to keep the purple Splat Zone at least neutralised.

The purple team having to focus on their Splat Zone keeps ours green, and the battle ends on time with us victorious. Woomy!

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