Early loss means a smooth ride in Tower Control (4-1, Fresh Squiffer)

22nd October 2017 – 7.00 pm

I get in a bit of a mess to start with, which isn't unusual, but manage to find space to take a breath and think that the Hero Charger Replica could probably pose us problems. I move to apply some pressure, and get a splat, but on the Rapid Blaster instead.

My pressure works, at least, forcing the Hero Charger to squid down from the perch, but only temporarily. I try to give chase as a Kraken, but I think I miss his jumping back across to the perch. So it goes. What I don't miss is the sound and puff of smoke that accompanies an inkling disappearing.

With one inkling down, the purple team becomes vulnerable. I know this, and immediately move to push the Tower aggressively forwards, already sensing the knockout victory. My aggression isn't reckless, though, and I ride the Tower when it's safe and hop off to deal with incoming inklings.

As we approach the goal, I decide to just ride the Tower as a Kraken, mostly ignoring the ink that hits me. I am pushed off once, but hop back on, and just about make it to the goal as my Kraken wears off.

I'm splatted on the goal, but the knockout victory still counts. Going an inkling down really turns the tide.

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