Sloshing for me, and the team, in Tower Control (16-4, Tri-slosher)

22nd October 2017 – 7.00 am

That E-litre 3K is going to cause us problems, and I doubt I can squid down from the ledge safely. Instead, I go the long way around, which works surprisingly well. I have to catch up with the Tower, heading backwards, but I do so without the E-litre 3K breathing down my neck, and with a charged Bubbler, which is a big help amidst a Suction Bomb Rush, followed by a Killer Wail.

The E-litre 3K will come back, of course, so I hop over to see if I can splat her again, but get the Dual Squelcher instead. No matter, I keep going around to help my squidmates push the Tower, another Bubbler charging at a good time to avoid another Suction Bomb. But the E-litre 3K has really good timing, splatting me the moment my Bubbler runs out.

I would say that at least we have taken the lead, but I then get embroiled in a rather pointless dual with the E-litre 3K behind the lines, during which time the yellow team get really close to our lead. I'm not sure why I spend so long playing with the E-litre 3K this way, maybe because the occasional hit of ink encourages me to continue for the splat, but it is missing the objective of the battle completely.

Although I get back to the battle proper eventually, it is during the next yellow team push, where they take the lead from us. Not my finest tactical move. I tell myself to focus on the Tower first from now on, and despite having the occasional opportunity to go skirmishing, I pull back and remember to check which way the Tower is moving first.

I still get tempted to rush in for splats, but it is with a sense of support, as when I pop my Bubbler and put myself amongst the yellow team. I get two splats for my one, and I also occupy at least one other of the yellow team whilst I do it, all as my squidmates push the tower forwards. I think that was a positive contribution.

Super-jumping back, given the Tower continues trundling forwards, has my squidmates take the lead again. Nice! I add my ink to the mess, getting a splat, and even though we're knocked off the Tower we have probably done enough to secure us the victory. A little defensive manoeuvring, and the battle is won. Always keep the objective in mind, kids!

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