Enjoying the Squiffer in Tower Control (7-5, Fresh Squiffer)

23rd October 2017 – 7.00 am

That's some unintentionally good timing to avoid the Killer Wail pointed our way, and although I can't quite match the timing to catch the inkling trying to get on to our ledge, I'm happy to say I don't miss when he jumps right in front of my Squiffer. I jump down to get an inkling off the Tower, and when a friendly Inkstrike does that I give chase as a Kraken, making the rising platform no impediment to me. Nor is the Inkzooka. That was fun!

I help push the Tower, but cautiously, although that doesn't entirely protect me. I find out a few moments later that I can't outrun a Carbon Roller with my Squiffer. Good to know. But I can snap a quick charged shot at her from close range. I'm not quite sure how I survive so much purple ink being sprayed on me, and I don't, the merest of drops from the returning Carbon Roller enough to splat me.

We finally stop the purple push, which leads to a prolonged battle for turf control. I am keen to stop the ink flying in from the Gal on the ledge, where my aim combined with the hiding space means I don't really manage this. But I realise that I can battle smarter, and plant a sneaky Suction Bomb that gets the splat done.

I look in the other direction and apply a little pressure the Splatling, before pushing the Tower. I don't get too far before inky pressure gets me off again, but only as a Kraken, and I win the foot race. The Tower doesn't get anywhere, though. I feel lucky to avoid the Killer Wail, but that feeling doesn't last long, as the Carbon Roller catches up to me.

The purple team push, but our defence is strong. We push, but the purple team's defence is strong. I get caught out standing still aiming at a Sprinkler. So it goes. I return as the Carbon Roller is moving around our flank, looking to be a disruption. I'm sure I get a hit on her, but she is chased away all the same.

None of this is helping our chances of victory, and the main floor looks too purple for circumstances to change, particularly with only a few seconds left to go. Credit to a squidmate, who hops on to the Tower in the dying moments, giving us one last push for the lead, but she gets splatted off, and not even my Kraken can cling on to the Tower.

It was a fun battle, but the purple team were better coordinated early on.

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