Having a blast in the Museum in Tower Control (18-8, Grim Range Blaster)

25th October 2017 – 7.00 am

My Burst Bomb-blast doesn't quite work, but at least I pull my range on the Luna Blaster to avoided being splatted back. And I am a bit more brutal when first clearing the Tower. Even I can't miss at point blank range. I don't get far, as we're still feeling each other out, and there is much jostling for control. The Luna Blaster seems to be made of hardy stuff, and the inkable wall somewhat resistant to the ink, but we work things out between ourselves.

No splats from the Killer Wail, but it clears the Tower. I move up, hopeful that my squidmates will push, but when that doesn't happen I squid back to be the change I want to see. Two neat direct hits makes me look professional, before I slide off the other side. But I kinda wanted to, as there is teal ink heading my way from our side. That inkling drops down, and I swear I only miss him because I expected him to jump. Either way, he sensibly decides not to ride the Tower.

I sensibly decide not to ride the Tower, despite my Killer Wail keeping a channel clear, when a teal Inkstrike drops nearby. That I can only avoid it by squidding to where a Killer Wail is starting just makes it hilarious. At least I avoid the next Killer Wail, just about, and survive long enough to help continue a squidmate's push. We even take the lead! I think that deserves a 'Nice!'

Some good forward support keeps the push going, but I can't quite get my Killer Wail out first. At least the Tower keeps moving, but super-jumping back may have been a mistake. Not for the entertainment on landing, though. After a quick encounter with the Luna Blaster, I take my time heading back. That lets me see what's going on, move up to get a better look at returning inklings, and move in for the splat. It's super effective! Splatting the super-jumping inkling on landing was an awesome accident, and if only I could have survived the Splatterscope I'd be doing a little dance.

Avenging a squidmate goes well. Zoning an inkling with a Killer Wail for an easy splat goes less well, as does trying to hold range in a far-too prominent position. I learn from that and squid around to flank the teal team, getting what is probably a lucky direct hit, but I'm claiming it as good anticipation. It's a shame that I just get the range wrong when aiming for the Splatterscope, though, as the second shot doesn't blast, just squibs against the wall, letting him super-jump away. My opposite inkling doesn't have that problem.

The battle enters extra time, with the teal team pushing the Tower in a final attempt to steal victory. But defending an extra-time push is relatively easy, as long as you don't lose your cool. I move to flank again, splat the supporting inklings, and move around to help clear the Tower.

With the teal inklings off, hopping on to the Tower secures us the victory. That was a whole lot of fun. Woomy!

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