Being the Rainmaker (13-6, Tri-slosher)

29th October 2017 – 7.00 am

I purposely ink the side of the rotating wall, in case I need to squid on it. After bursting the Rainmaker, and avoiding picking it up just to get splatted, I chase the yellow team backwards along a rather more sensible route than just following them, and make use of that inked wall. It's like I'm psychic. I help clear the yellow team away before bursting the Rainmaker free again, and I show some more good sense in jumping over the shield, knowing that if I didn't it would bump me off the platform.

The yellow Killer Wail just misses the Rainmaker, which is handy for us, and I grab the Rainmaker and run with it, splatting the seen and unseen inklings in the way. I get a good distance, but perhaps make a mistake with a short burst when a bigger one would ink the side of the block ahead of me too. Maybe it could have caught the Dynamo Roller as well, whose ink thumps down on me to stop the push.

I decide not to head hastily back to the action, and get some height to see what's happening. This lets me see the Rainmaker's movements and help slosh ink down on it, before hitting the flank to help keep our team safe. Dodging the Dynamo Roller keeps me safe too, and I find the Carbon Roller by following a Seeker. I splat her mid-Seeker Rush, which is amusingly wasted against an already burst Rainmaker, which I grab and take back to the other side of the Museum, before the Luna Blaster stops me.

I tidy up some yellow ink as I return, as it's always important to stop the other team's free movement, and get some quick revenge on the Luna Blaster. Another splat is accidental, which charges my Bubbler so that I can survive the Dynamo Roller. Dropping down to get the Rainmaker again finds the shield intact, and by the time it's burst the way above me looks unfriendly. I try another route, but am caught quickly.

My route back drops me to the side of the action, which I jink across very timely, catching the Dynamo Roller as she activates a Killer Wail. The Carbon Roller super-jumps in to give me a second target, and her instinct to launch a Seeker on landing gives me the time I need to splat her too. I tidy up the yellow ink a bit more and, as no one looks like they want to carry the Rainmaker, I grab it again. I get back to where I was, go a little bit further, and am stopped by the Luna Blaster again.

The yellow team bring the Rainmaker to us very efficiently, there clearly being too much yellow ink still in the Museum, and I am overwhelmed by the excellent support. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the Luna Blaster carrying the Rainmaker, and he gets close to stealing the lead. Our Bamboozler stops him just before that happens, which really does deserve a 'Nice!'

I struggle to burst the shield until a squidmate comes to help, but I think the biggest mistake in the match is the Dynamo Roller's aiming choice with the Killer Wail here. She could have hit the Rainmaker and us, but instead tries to zone my squidmates. That lets us burst and grab the Rainmaker, and make another dash whilst the yellow inklings are on the wrong side of the map.

The small amounts of blue ink left around the Museum are just enough for me to move relatively smoothly, with just a few small Rainmaker bursts required, and I get past my previous point. The way forwards looks clear, the podium itself has enough ink, and one last little Rainmaker burst connects the path to the goal. I squid ahead and up the podium, and am hit by that blasted Luna Blaster and his Inkzooka. I'm not even upset, that's actually hilarious in the context of this battle!

They yellow team get one last chance to win, as the battle enters extra time. And, rather fittingly, the Luna Blaster carries the Rainmaker, and I splat him to win us the victory. Woomy! This has been one of the most entertaining battles I've had for a long time!

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