Tight end to Splat Zones (10-10, Fresh Squiffer)

29th October 2017 – 7.00 pm

A speedy N-ZAP is going to cause me all sorts of problems, as my aim is already a bit loose and I need to get relatively close with the Fresh Squiffer. I should probably try to stay out of his way, but that's not so easy when Echolocated. My Cold-blooded shirt may help a bit, but I don't think my Suction Bombs will catch him out, not with his Bomb Sniffer shoes. Time will tell.

I can't really sit back and try to ink from above either, not having a Splatterscope on our team as well. I don't want to get in her way, so I'll just do my best trying to ink and move. Consecutive Echolocators keep us on our toes too. Dropping down to ink the Splat Zones gets me a splat at last, if not control of the Splat Zones themselves. And I also find the answer to the N-ZAP when my Kraken charges. Excellent!

I chase an Inkzooka as a Kraken too, but even though my beak doesn't seem as big as some others, I still get the splat when I transform back. The Splat Zones are ours too, and I spend a little time take care of them and trying to keep back the orange team. It works for a short while, and my squidmates are do well too.

Trying to stop the Octoshot Replica from dropping down to the Splat Zones is a futile plan, because I don't think he wants to. He just wants to charge his Inkzooka. Still, it's not very effective, either at getting splats or inking the Splat Zones, and we keep control until we've almost won. If I hadn't squidded right in to a Suction Bomb Rush, maybe that bit more ink could have clinched us the battle.

The Splat Zones turn orange, and we get a big buffer, so on we battle. I pick a different angle, but am pushed back by the Dual Squelcher, which wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a drop behind me. There is quite a battle for the Splat Zones as I return, and some inky pressure coming my way. I fluke a splat on the N-ZAP, who jumps in to my shot, but maybe he shouldn't be so spry on his feet.

Charging my Kraken lets me be more aggressive for a few seconds, which I keep up for longer than I should, and am splatted back with little to show for myself. I attempt inking from another angle next, and although I'm spotted I am prepared for what's coming. Maybe I should have been more prepared, perhaps squidding a little to the side first. But the countdown is ticking, the Splat Zones are neutral, and we're in the lead. It looks lie victory is ours.

The Splat Zones turn teal, and all looks good, but moments later they are orange, and we are in to extra time. No problem, our lead is quite big, and we just need to neutralise the Splat Zones for a few seconds. But even a double-splat with my Kraken, converted in to a triple-splat with my Squiffer, doesn't help turn the Splat Zones teal. I'm not sure why not either.

I surge back, and get a Suction Bomb in to the Splat Zones and splat the N-ZAP nicely, but even though he splats me back, and he was in the Splat Zones and I was out of them, they are turned orange again quickly. Are we destined to lose this battle?

One last attempt to claim victory, and I am really pleased to see a squidmate using a Burst Bomb Rush. Again I get a splat on an inkling in the Splat Zones, and again I stay out of them as I am splatted, and finally we keep the Splat Zones neutral for long enough to end the battle in our favour. That was tight!

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