Getting inky in Tower Control (7-2, Tri-slosher)

31st October 2017 – 7.00 am

Everyone's going the same way! I jink to the left, to the left, to prevent congestion, and hold back a little, as the only charger is a Splatling, and they don't sit on obvious perches for me to slosh over. i catch up and push through some yellow ink to try to avenge a squidmate, but it was the wrong choice.

My squidmates start pushing the Tower as I return, so I naturally head around the side in the other direction. Another squidmate is there and retreating, so I probably shouldn't push forward, as a couple of Burst Bombs prove. But I survive, and end up chasing a Roller for no good reason.

At least the inking and splat charges my Bubbler, which I can use when I hop on to the Tower, just as it passes a nasty section of the Pit. We survive, but get cocky and all hop off for splats. I catch up to the Tower, squidding past a squidmate squidbagging rather unflatteringly, and get it moving again, just as the Splatling catches up to our flank.

I take stock on my return, but all looks well. The inklings are battling amongst themselves, letting the Tower do it's thing. I push it forwards a bit when it's safe, and hop off to clear the inklings from the side. A squidmate continues the push as I do this, and our lead is extended almost to the goal.

There's a concerted effort from the yellow team to prevent the knockout defeat, and quite a fracas breaks out. But once the Roller hassling the Tower is splatted, I spot the opportunity and hop on to complete the ride. Woomy!

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