Attack and defence in Tower Control (21-6, Tri-slosher)

1st November 2017 – 7.00 am

There are no obvious targets for my Tri-slosher on the yellow team, indeed they seem to be good weapons to splat me instead, so I simply build a base of inked turf to work from early in the battle. The yellow team move aggressively towards us, which is perhaps to be expected from their choice of shooters, and as we hung back we end up being in a fairly defensible position. I get three splats and recover the Tower, to give me a positive start.

One thing I've learnt to do is not to try squidding on the Tower, particularly over water. It's too easy to fall off. Instead, I get up and walk. Much easier and more precise. It's also a good idea not to be on the Tower when the ink comes flooding in. Hopping off stops the push, but skirmishing to splat the other team often gives a better advantage.

I'm not quite sure I should survive all the yellow ink flying my way, but I also seem to be in the right place at the right time quite a lot. Unlike the Jet Squelcher, who keeps returning to the same spot, despite it not working. The Tower also keeps moving forwards, but it keeps trundling backwards occasionally. I try to keep it moving in the right direction, but it's not always easy to catch up when the ink is patchy.

As I said before, splatting the other team can give its own advantage. We get that advantage when the yellow inklings are waiting to come back, and I push the Tower around the corner. It's not as easy to hop on and off over the water, but at this point it is often better to stay on as long as possible, to eek out the distance travelled. I get pretty far before the ink overwhelms me!

That was my first splatting, which is quite a streak! I probably won't keep it going, but I still manage another couple of splats before I'm splatted again. I return to do some tidying up, as there's too much yellow ink near our side of the Museum. This puts me in a good position to defend the Tower coming our way, but moving up as the yellow team pushes forwards gets me in the crosshairs. I had thought the Kraken had got me, though.

Coming back to hit the flank works really well, although it would be quicker if there wasn't so much yellow ink in our corner. Turf control is so important. But I turn the Tower around, and it's path lets me slosh blue ink around. I also think I'm being smart by hopping off the Tower when coming under pressure to splat the inkling getting on the Tower. And I suppose I was, but the tables are turned on me immediately. Nice move!

I take a more direct route next, which stops the Tower, but only by trading a splat. It doesn't make much difference, and although my squidmates prevent the Tower going any further afterwards, that is only temporary. I try to hit the flank, aware time is perhaps at a premium, but only manage to trade with an inkling coming from the other side. Thankfully, the Tower is stopped briefly, and I head straight for it this time.

My approach is well-timed, and I clear the Jet Squelcher from it. Falling down wasn't part of my plan, but it gives me the opportunity to look for other activity. None is around, so I hop on to the Tower just as the battle ends, securing our victory. And it's another battle with 20+ splats! Woomy!

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