Fighting back the purple torrent in Rainmaker (20-5, Tri-slosher)

2nd November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Stopping the Rainmaker is worth the mutual splat, I would say, but it doesn't look like it's going to stop the purple team for long. They come back immediately. I wisely don't approach head-on, and get a good splat to my credit, whilst accidentally falling off the platform helps me survive. Squidding around behind the shielded Rainmaker gets me an easy splat on the Splatterscope, who apparently doesn't pay attention to Echolocators.

I should splat the super-jumper relatively easily, but she disappears, before returning in greater numbers. More inklings for me to splat! I come back thinking about supporting the Rainmaker directly, but instead choosing to ink a forward path, whilst allowing me to work my way around the purple team. It almost helps us, but the purple team regain control, and another circuit doesn't get me much further.

The purple team advance again, increasing their lead little by little. I move to flank, coming from behind to get a couple of splats, but moving across to hopefully chase another inkling only sees the Rainmaker get closer to our podium. I dash across and help with a Disruptor against the Rainmaker, and splatting the returning purple inklings, before helping push the Rainmaker in the right direction.

I take care not to raise the platform before the Rainmaker catches me, already having had the platform rise at frustrating moments in this battle, and push forwards to help clear a path. I don't splat the Splatterscope immediately, but show good target selection to turn and splat the shooter on my tail first. The Splatterscope panics a little in close range, giving me time to turn back and splat her too.

We lose the Rainmaker, but with the purple team being splatted I trust my squidmates to take care of regaining control, and press for more turf control and suppression of the purple team. That gets me splatted, not quite realising my Bubbler is ready, but it splats two more inklings and keeps a third occupied, as my squidmates push us in to the lead! Nice!

I hope to quickly super-jump back to the action, but everyone is splatted. Not a problem! We've done what we need to for now. It's time to settle in to a defensive posture. I find a nice spot to wait for the oncoming Rainmaker, and feel a quad-splat dropping in to my lap. A Bubbler pops those dreams, sadly. So it goes.

As time ticks down, the purple team lose the Rainmaker. I am happy to chuck a Disruptor and slow down bursting the Rainmaker's Shield, and just wait. The longer the Rainmaker is in its shield, the closer we get to victory. The shield is burst eventually, and I throw a cheeky Disruptor to catch whoever is bound to immediately grab it. The Disruptor works a treat, and the Rainmaker is reset in to its shield.

Only a few seconds remain, and we are finally in control. We hold the Rainmaker, we hold our turf, and we win the battle. And it's another 20-splat battle for me! Woomy!

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