Pushing forwards and holding back in Rainmaker (18-6, Tri-slosher)

3rd November 2017 – 7.00 am

There are no obvious targets for my bucket, so I take time inking turf before looking for an opportunity to do some splatting. A strategic Disruptor throw to the obvious perch is a good choice, and following-up gets me an unexpected target on my way to my first choice, who is highlighted by a handy Echolocator. And my squimdates recover and grab the Rainmaker as the purple team dissolve, making my forward position potentially handy.

I get a double-splat when trying to keep a path inked, but don't realise there are two inklings, or maybe I'd have used my Bubbler. So it goes, and our position is good enough that super-jumping back is a good idea. I don't quite manage to keep the Rainmaker safe, but I do squid around the long way to surprise the purple Rainmaker and stop it going anywhere, right before I fail to use my fresh Bubbler again.

The Rainmaker doesn't go far, so I pause to spot my best opportunity, and get jumped by a Kraken when I get in too deep too soon. But I bide my time as the Rainmaker comes our way, not rushing in too obviously, and even ignore one inkling to concentrate on the Rainmaker. I help hold our turf, but get flummoxed by both moving platforms in succession, one hit by an Instrike as I try to jump from the grate, the other lifting an Inkzooka almost out of range.

I circle back to help with the Rainmaker. I only half-heartedly try to burst the shield, only really wanting to keep it yellow before support arrives. When support does arrive, I grab it for a run and go, perhaps a little cautious about what's below me until an Echolocator shows me that nothing is. It looks safe to push forwards, but just as I do, a Splat Bomb rolls where I want to go. I can't avoid that with the added inertia of the Rainmaker.

A bit of tidying up rarely goes amiss, preventing easy squidding for the purple team, and as they have to take time to ink their path, I have time to see their route and blindside them, thanks to taking advantage of the walls. We start moving the Rainmaker back towards the purple plinth, and with the splats coming fast I get confident enough to get close to the base. It doesn't work out for me, but my squidmates increase our already healthy lead nicely. I think my splatter gets splatted by a Sprinkler too. Nice!

It almost looks like we'll reach the goal, but my squidmates are stopped. I confidently super-jump back, and trade myself for two purple inklings, which isn't bad, and watch as the Rainmaker gets reset as it drops off the office level. I take the slow way back, and meet most of the purple team as they push forwards. The Inkzooka is no bother, the Suction Bomb Rush a little more tricky to navigate, and I turn around to find and splat the inkling that got away.

Only seconds remain, and we simply have to leave the Rainmaker in its shield for the battle to be won. Woomy!

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