Losing with flair in Splat Zones (6-3, Zink Mini Splatling)

11th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

Ah, Saltspray Rig Splat Zones. Is there a more brutal map for Splat Zones? Probably not! I quite like it because of this, even if the winner is generally decided by whoever captures the Splat Zones first. I decide to try to sneak around the teal team to start with, squidding up the pipes that not many inklings use. I would say it works, although I get a bit lucky with the Roller.

How much of the Splat Zones do we need to cover to capture them? It looks like they are mostly orange, but apparently it's not enough. Of course, it doesn't help when two of us get splatted in to teal puddles right in the Splat Zones, and seconds later the teal team have secured the Splat Zones. That may be the end, but I'm not giving up the battle.

I take the same route back, and this time the Roller gets lucky. The super-jumping Aerospray is less lucky, but we still can't get enough orange ink in the Splat Zones, and I can't quite get away from the fresh Ink Mine. I follow a fresh trail right around the edge next, and I swear we've got enough turf orange to start our counter and add a buffer to the teal team, but apparently not. Maybe the Roller is right behind me covering everything I do, I dunno.

With ink tank low, I make a calculated risk by charging in to the Splat Zones, popping my Bubbler to keep me safe and refill my tank, but despite the splats I get it's not quite enough. Once again, the Roller gets away, we can't ink enough turf, and we are splatted away.

I have just enough time to super-jump back to the action before the teal counter hits zero, uninterrupted apart from a few minor stoppages. So it goes.

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