Around the edges of Splat Zones (12-4, Tri-slosher)

12th November 2017 – 7.00 am

My reticence at the start of the battle is because we have a smurf on our team. I don't like battling with or against smurfs, in much the same way that I wouldn't like to play Rugby against the Welsh national team. I'm just not that good and don't like getting relentlessly mugged by players clearly better than me. But the smurf is on our team, so maybe I can provide some support around the edges.

Disruptors are useful for providing support without being too aggressive. I imagine our smurf will be aggressive enough for all of us. I have to say, though, that watching serial super-jumps fly in just in range of my bucket is quite good fun. It makes me want to go to the source, but it's a bit riskier around there, as I find out.

Our team takes the lead. I'm not surprised, really. But that's without my direct help, and I'll stick to the edges. I try to surprise the Heavy Splatling, but it's difficult to ink just what you want and no more, and he spies me coming. He's light on his feet too, and a mutual splat seems a fair trade.

Going the long way around works better. The Splatling clearly isn't expecting that. That takes me to the site of the super-jumpers, but they have no path back there at the moment. Instead, they are congregating below me, not really having a clear route back to the Splat Zones. That's just crying out for a sloshing, which I dish out.

I fear I am getting rather too involved in the battle, where the purple team have to put up with a smurf too. I'm sorry, purple team. At least it's over fairly soon, which isn't unusual for Saltspray Rig Splat Zone battles.

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