Comeback kings in Splat Zones (13-11, Tri-slosher)

13th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

It is a nice move to get around the side of the platform to start with, and nearly gets me the drop on an inkling, but once I was spotted I should have moved backwards. So it goes. I look more towards the Splat Zones on my return, which helps, but am aware of how vulnerable I must be. Moving to the side must help, but walking towards a Splattershot won't.

Heading back to the moving platform has a better outcome, as I show a bit of patience, and moving only when the moment is right. And even though I'm splatted at the end again, again whilst Disrupted, I take two other inklings out with me. Nice! Sadly, I find I'm battling a little more than the yellow team with my next splatting, when splatted by the Dual Squelcher shortly after I've already splatted him. There's not much to be done about that!

The side route gets me another splat, and I wisely disengage when things get inky, which lets us keep the Splat Zones blue a bit longer. But a nice Killer Wail pushes two of us in to the Mini Splatling, and the Splat Zones change tentacles soon afterwards. And not just the Splat Zones, but most of the turf looks yellow. That makes it difficult to get much done. I try to ink the edges first, to give us easier movement, but with not much success.

Even inking the Splat Zones directly is troublesome with such strong yellow control. I don't last much longer the next outing either, the Mini Splatling getting a bit lucky by delaying her Bubbler, but surviving and splatting me easily when she finally does. We lose the lead that looked so good not too long ago, so I try to keep some height advantage and focus on the Splat Zones.

The height works well, particularly with my Tri-slosher, and I get bolder as my Bubbler charges. I cross the Splat Zones and get on the other platform, getting a couple of splats and helping to recapture the Splat Zones. We have a big buffer to work through, but maybe we can still win this battle. I'll need to hide better from the Mini Splatling, though.

Just as it looks like we're getting close to recovering the battle, the Splat Zones switch tentacles again. My squidmates capture the Splat Zones just before the battle ends, pushing us in to extra time, but with a new, big buffer to work through. This is looking tricky, given that the yellow team managed to wrest control of us just now. But there's no giving up yet.

The Splat Zones come first, and I do my best to keep them blue, whilst balancing angling for splats to prevent the yellow ink flowing. I go back around the side to look for splats on returning inklings, but am caught out. At least I don't get splatted in the Splat Zones, and my puddle doesn't contribute to a loss.

The Splat Zones are still neutralised, but only for a second. My squidmates are keeping the blue ink flowing in to the Splat Zones, and just as I am making a return, we pull ahead of the yellow team. That was a long period of extra time, and quite tense! A good battle, but even better extra time. Woomy!

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