Being ruthless in Splat Zones (10-1, Tri-slosher)

14th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Holding back to start with seems to work quite well. Even if we lose early control, it's easily got back when the other team are splatted away. A bit of luck helps too, like the Splatterscope just missing my dangly ear. I wisely stay away from him, and head across the bridge to see what disruption I can cause amongst his squidmates.

Quite a lot! A bit of height helps, and look at me just about manage to stick to the wall, as does a Bubbler help. As the Splat Zones stay purple, I stick around on this side of the Museum, which admittedly is a bit annoying, but it's effective. Getting some height helps again, particularly with the wall giving me cover.

My Bubbler charges again to keep me annoyingly unsplatted, and I just about stay on the right side of a green Inkstrike to keep going. The Splatterscope is at my back, but I'm still ignoring him, apart from lobbing the occasional Disruptor his way.

My luck finally runs out against the Mini Splatling, although it is a mutual splat and so still a little lucky. And I run in to another splat immediately on my return, a rather desperate green inkling launching an Inkstrike right in front of us. That'll do!

There's just enough time for a little victory jig. I don't often press so high for so long. Maybe because I'm splatted away sooner. Even so, I know it can be frustrating for the pressed team, so I try to remember this and offer some room in most battles anyway.

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