Cake or splat in Cake Splatfest (11/2 Splattershot)

23rd November 2017 – 7.00 am

Time to switch out for the Splattershot, if only to have a Special that may be a bit more useful than the Stingray. I haven't really played a shooter in Splatoon for a long, long time, which makes the limited selection of weapons in this Splatfest a bit more of a handicap. But the selection will stay limited for a while whilst I level up on release, so it's good to get an early feel for the Splattershot again.

I'm mostly getting an idea of the layout of the Starfish Mainstage, particularly with which surfaces are inkable and which aren't. I also notice water, and have to be careful not to accidentally drop in to it. My first use of the Inkjet goes well, with respect to splats, but not to control. It takes me some time, and poking about in the info pages, to realise that you can press B to gain a bit of height.

I waste a bit of time trying to knock an inkling off a perch, and then squid around the side to catch one below me. There's probably a lesson there about having the high ground. I dunno, just because it works then, and with the Inkjet above me. I'm just not sure.

Trying to find uninked turf in an unfamiliar area is tricky, but I am drawn to that big, neon green patch. But the green inklings are drawn to our pink patch too. A bit of luck, a bit of skill, and I get a splat with the Splattershot and assist with my Splat Bomb, and push my luck a little charging at a pair of Splat Dualies.

Another Inkjet gets another splat, but I disorientate myself again getting it. A bit of wandering around inking turf finds another splat, but a couple of inklings sneak past below me. I think I'm just happy to see lots of pink turf.

I spy one inkling squidding nearby as time runs out, and just about get my Splattershot aimed his way, and get handed a final splat from a super-jumper that lets me steady my aim first. It's a solid victory for the team, and a decent individual effort from all of us. I think we still woomy. Woomy!

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