Fighting back in Splat Zones (16-4, Tri-slosher)

25th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

That purple Splatterscope is only level 22. I smell a smurf. If that weren't bad enough, I'll drop back down to B+ if we lose this battle. I'm not looking forward to this. My basic plan is to hold back, take care of our Splat Zone, and try not to get picked on too much by the smurf. It mostly works, but the purple team were always going to get to our Splat Zone, and there's not much I can do about the Inkzooka.

Damn, that Inkzooka has some irritating gear too, which doesn't help my frustration. And I come back to a sea of purple, the Mini Splatling looking right towards our base, and I see an inkling heading down to ink the unused section. The situation looks pretty bad. I don't want to drop down in rank again, I have to go back, I just won't be stupid about it.

After a few moments reflection, I head around the side, sloshing short so that I don't spill ink over a ledge that would give away my position, and take stock. The inkling down the bottom is going around the side. The Splatterscope is in a cheesy position, but not looking this way. Let's see what I can do. I move cautiously and ambush the inkling coming up with brutal efficiency, and take advantage of the Splatterscope looking in the other direction to splat him with gusto too. Nice!

I drop back again, still not really wanting to engage a potentially much better skilled inkling, but when I move up to try the same ambush and no one's there, I have to move up. And an Inkstrike landing in the purple Splat Zone encourages me to be a little more aggressive. Lacking ink for a Disruptor doesn't help, but a Bubbler does as I jump down on to a Suction Bomb. That was handy.

Now I'm on the other side of the Pit. I start to defend the purple Splat Zone, but from the purple team. Splatting the Inkzooka is a nice way to start this second phase of the battle, I have to say. But I take a precautionary trip back to our side, before thinking that maybe I can make a difference. I choose a good time to press forwards too, avenging a splatted squidmate immediately.

I keep the ink sloshing, the Disruptors hitting, and all but force the purple team to concentrate on their own Splat Zone, leaving ours alone. I don't even mind getting splatted by three of them, as that's three of them on completely the wrong side of the Pit. And when I come back, I am in the perfect position to splat the smurf making a nuisance of himself. Nice!

A tagged inkling bags me a nice double splat, and squidding around lets me splat the Inkzooka from behind. Things are looking up, particularly as we are more reliably controlling the Splat Zones. More splats are had, more ink sloshed over the Splat Zones, and the purple team seem to be panicking. They are looking less for splats, and are just shooting what ink they can in to their Splat Zone. They neutralise it for a few seconds, but can't turn it purple, and we soon recover, taking us in to the lead! Nice!

I get a bit carried away and squid in to a Splat Bomb of the very smurfy smurf, and although they have a buffer to work through, the difference in scores isn't that great. We need to be calm and careful to secure the victory. I sneak around the side in time to splat an inkling squidding there to be a disruption, as he pulls out an Inkzooka, and survive a second Inkzooka, thanks to my Bubbler, to splat the super-jumping smurf.

I'm splatted away as time runs out, leaving enough of a purple stain for the battle to enter extra time. I push forwards, knowing we just need to neutralise one Splat Zone, and, rather fittingly, I think, splat the smurf in our Splat Zone to end the battle. Woomy!

The results screen appears, and it seems that we lost an inkling at some point. Looking back, our Brush disappeared after 28 seconds of the battle. I didn't even realise we were battling 3 vs 4. That makes the battle more impressive, and the win even sweeter.

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