Turning the battle around in Splat Zones (14-5, Tri-slosher)

25th November 2017 – 7.00 am

That Inkstriker chooses an unfortunate time and place to launch the Inkstrike. But, then, I choose an unfortunate time to moonwalk on the conveyer belt. It's not unusual for me to walk in to bombs, though. I show that again almost immediately. Although I do well to dance around the Aerospray, I get much more flustered when her Ink Mine starts glowing, and squid in to a wall.

Running in to the Aerospray at close range is not much smarter, but I'm happy to protect my charger's flank on my return, particularly as she is trying to keep our turf inked. The purple team have managed to score some points, and we're still struggling to maintain hold over our own Splat Zone. I decide to be more active about it, and although my Disruptor overshoots its mark, splatting the Splatterscope lets me capture the purple Splat Zone.

Splitting the Splat Zones necessarily splits the attention of the purple team. Our own team too, but now we have more of a battle. But despite holding the Splat Zone for a bit, I could do more if I stopped walking in to Splat Bombs. At least the purple team are focussed on their Splat Zone, mostly leaving ours alone. A splash of ink on my way back, and we start our score counting down.

I avoid an Ink Mine! I'm pleased about that. And now we seem to be much more in control. The purple team struggle to keep control of their Splat Zone, and, owing to some good skirmishing, can't find their way to neutralise our Splat Zone. I've learnt not to push my luck too, and all this turf to squid around in lets me make good use of my Disruptors.

I notice our score has stopped, but the purple Splat Zone stays green. A purple inkling has sneaked past us and captured our Splat Zone. Good job, purple inkling, but I'm coming to correct this. I have the benefit of a charger Bubbler, which I use against the Splat Bombs, but it doesn't last long enough to survive the Inkzooka that gets pulled out. Even so, I dodge the Inkzooka blasts for longer than I should.

My effort and pushing back the Inkzooka lets my squidmates recapture our Splat Zone, and we get close to winning the battle before the inkling returns to turn our Splat Zone purple again. I slink around the side to splat them properly this time, and move up to recapture the Splat Zone. With only four points remaining, I do a little dance. Which, of course, is the right time for the purple team to neutralise their Splat Zone.

No matter, some more inking, a charged Bubbler, and a nice bit of squidmate rolling means that not even a last-second Inkstrike can prevent our knockout victory. Woomy!

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