Green team aren't looking for Tower Control (10-3, Tri-slosher)

26th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Okay, the green team take control of the Tower to start with, but we start pushing it the other way pretty quickly, and their efforts to control turf on our side of the Pit is ineffective. Maybe that's the difference: we end up controlling more turf, letting us hold the green team back. Not for a little while, as my early attempts to get on to the green ledge go wrong.

Still, I persist in getting on to that ledge as much as the green team persist in holding up there. It just takes a bit of finessing around the edges to start with, followed by some cautious uncertainty, but once we regain control of our turf I feel in control of the battle.

I finally get on to the ledge when no green inklings are around, which is good. They don't know I'm there, but they are coming. And when they come, they get splatted. I drop down to continue the splatting, knowing I can hop on and off the Tower to get back on the ledge. That gets me two more splats.

I drop down again, but loiter nearby, waiting for opportunities as my squidmates continue pushing the Tower. I am slightly startled by the sound of an Ink Mine being tripped when I move up to throw a Disruptor at the charger, but maybe it was one of ours. I know the sound of my Bubbler charging though.

I move up to pop my Bubbler and keep my squidmates on the Tower safe, but they are doing just fine as it is. I am a mere distraction as the Tower trundles to the goal. Woomy!

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