Clawing back the Splat Zones (13-8, Tri-slosher)

29th November 2017 – 7.00 am

The notorious Saltspray Rig crops up again. If you get in to a position to capture the Splat Zones, you'll probably hold them to the knockout victory. To this end, I zip across the ledge and get a double-splat, which should help us gain some early control. Completing the circuit gets more splats and, without green interference, we start our score ticking over.

I think things will go swimmingly. But whilst waiting for the best moment to ambush an Aerospray, the rest of the green team take the Splat Zones head-on and capture them for themselves. Flying in with Disruptor and bucket doesn't help, and our initial lead is gone. I'm not convinced we'll see it back either.

I throw myself at the entrances to the Splat Zones, hoping to find some kind of opportunity, but the green team do what we couldn't, and keep us at bay. Perhaps we were a bit cavalier and thinking the victory would come automatically with control. There is a moment where the Splat Zones turn blue, the buffer it gives the green team saving us from defeat, but even that may not ultimately be enough.

Our efforts to get in to the Splat Zones continue to be repelled, so I decide to take the long way around to see what that can do. It can let the green team get within two points of victory, but thankfully we wrest control of the Splat Zones away from the green team moments before it is too late. And we capture the Splat Zones too.

It looks like our control over the territory will turn the battle in our favour. I get a bit worried when multiple green inklings appear inside the Splat Zones whilst splatting me away, but squidmates continue to have a presence, allowing quick super-jumping access.

With some good defence, we take the lead. And, as the green team was so close to victory, taking the lead hands the victory to us. That was close. Woomy!

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