Frenetic Salmon Run [15-17-15, 13/541]

30th November 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm really digging the new Salmon Run. I've spent more time in it than Turf War, and only really battled in Turf War to get to level 4 so that I could try Salmon Run. It's good that it's going to be time-limited, otherwise I'd spend most of my time collecting eggs. Still, the bonuses you get are limited per day, which gives it more of a Splatfest vibe and will send you back to Turf War or Ranked battles after a few hours. I've spent most of my time in Salmon Run in this opening weekend because GrizzCo is open for three days straight. I'm not passing up this opportunity.

The tutorial you have to take is quite handy, but it doesn't tell you everything. There are some different bosses that need to be learnt on the fly, and you really need to pay attention to Mr Grizz when he gives his instructions, otherwise you could miss something important.

You also aren't explicitly told that you get no choice over weapons or kit. You get no kit, and your weapon is not only pre-selected from one of four weapons that GrizzCo supplies, but it rotates between squidmates in each wave. You'd better be competent with a number of weapon types to survive a Salmon Run.

I am quite happy with the first day's weapon selection, with just the Splat Dualies being outside of the basic weapon choices. I've got the charger for the first wave, which is at high tide. Not a terrible combination. I get to sit on the highest point and snipe, and the Stingray even comes in handy when I'm low on ink. It gets a little messy at the end, but we have a solid first wave.

Splat Dualies for the second wave. I like the high rate of fire, although I'm not sure what the roll could do for me here. I am also still getting used to the appearance of Maws, his bobble looking like a little critter. I get the drop on Steel Eel, though, but a second appearance gets me by surprise. I'm revived quickly, and we easily meet our quota.

I'm not great with the Splat Roller, which I get for the third wave. It feels slow compared to the Carbon Roller Deco (and the Carbon Roller in Splatoon 2 feels slow too), and I can't work out how to run faster reliably. And we get two bosses to start with! Luckily, the Steel Eel ignores me, letting me splat him, although it keeps the Flyfish at a distance, but he's soon dealt with too. Good work, everyone!

More Flyfishes! And other bosses! The team splits up, we lose some eggs, but we meet quota and finish with a good haul. To be honest, this felt a lot more frenetic at the time, and, having played at a higher level since, this looks fairly straightforward. I should review some of the other footage!

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