Splat Zones go both ways (12-2, Tri-slosher)

30th November 2017 – 7.00 am

Changing my mind to go the long way across Saltspray Rig gets me a nice opportunistic splat to start with, and continuing to skirt the Splat Zones lands the Splatterscope at my feet. That works for me, and the Splat Zones open up to be captured by us. There remains a yellow inkling hiding behind them, who tries to shoo me with a Killer Wail, but my bucket remains capable to dealing with these problems.

Sitting back in relative safety, I try to use Disruptors to good use to keep the yellow team at bay, and find a very handy time to pop my Bubbler, but the Specials keep us away from the Splat Zones effectively enough for the yellow team to capture them. Our own Killer Wail, and splatting away the Dual Squelcher, returns the Splat Zones to us, and we're back to defending.

The Disruptors work well enough, but the Splatterscope is smart and gets his Splat Bomb Rush going to ignore the ink-depleting Disurptor effect, as well as spreading yellow ink. And the Disruptors deplete my own ink tank a bit, and I run out of ink as a yellow Inkstrike flies in. I'm a bit surprised by what finally splats me, though.

Taking the long route around the Rig helps get rid of the Splatterscope from his perch, and being up there myself lets me slosh enough purple ink around to help my squidmates re-capture the Splat Zones. The Splatterscope isn't going to be usurped without a fight, though, and I'm happy to give him one. But although dropping in to the Splat Zones to try to splat the other yellow inklings away starts well, running out of ink is my undoing again.

The yellow team look to be quite well in control, and getting close to threatening our lead. It could be difficult wresting the Splat Zones out of their tentacles too, the Rig being notorious for this. Still, rushing headlong in to trouble rarely helps, and there is enough time in the battle to lose the lead for a bit, so I take the long route around the Rig once more.

I get to the Splat Zones and my Bubbler charges at a really handy time, as I am in the crossfire of multiple inklings. I splat or push them back, but doing so and ignoring the Splat Zones keeps them yellow a bit longer, and we lose the lead. But we gain valuable turf behind the Splat Zones, and, despite running out of ink again, support from squidmates keeps the yellow inklings at bay, and captures the Splat Zones for us again.

More Disruptor use keeps the amount of yellow ink coming in to the Splat Zones down a bit, the turf advantage lets me refresh my ink tank, and covering what yellow ink appears charges my Bubbler. The Bubbler comes in handy when a Kraken threatens a squidmate, which has to squid away as we retake the lead, seconds from the end of the battle. Victory is ours. Woomy!

This was going to be my final battle in Splatoon, but I notice I'm one victory away from hitting A+ again, so I go back for one more battle. It's another victory, albeit nothing notable, and so I leave Splatoon behind with my inkling ranked A+. That'll do, inkling.

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