Holding the turf in Turf War [2101p, 12(3)-3, Splattershot Jr]

1st December 2017 – 7.00 am

Time for a bit more Turf War. Still level 5, not wanting to rush through the levels, or rush in to Ranked battles where the ex-S+ players are trying to rise as quickly as possible. I've got loads of time to enjoy battling at my own pace.

I'm sticking with the Splattershot Jr for now, as it is an effective weapon in Turf War. It's still relatively early in to my experience of the new battles, so I've not quite got the hang of Ink Armour yet. It's best to use to early and let it recharge, plus it doesn't activate anywhere near as quickly as the Bubbler. You need a couple of seconds buffer for it to be effective, as I find out again at the thirty second mark.

The Splatfest has got me more used to the map, and it's probably a bit more disorientating when reviewing the battle. It's good to see the state of the turf and the possibilities for super-jumping when waiting to come back from being splatted. Having checked the map, I can ink some bare turf, and I also learn to activate my Ink Armour sooner rather than later, which lets me cope with a Splat Dualies roll.

A bit more turfing and I am Armouring up again, and although I avoid one splatting, mostly because of a Splat Bomb, the Dualies rolls twice and gets the drop on two of nice. Nice moves! More map use, and we need to ink close to home. Splatting the yellow team works too, although I kinda take the splat away from a squidmate's Tenta Missiles.

Speaking of Tenta Missiles, pushing up, remembering to ink and move, ink and move, I catch a yellow inkling taking his time aiming them, and his buddy who super-jumps next to him. Now it looks like we've turned the battle around on the yellow team. I still can't always activate my Ink Armour in time. That will take more getting used to.

Okay, I don't land on the bridge, but under it. Not a problem. And the charger doesn't see me, which lets me splat him from an unexpected angle. It's unexpected enough that the Splat Dualies rolls closer to me, facing the wrong way, turning one splat in to a double. Nice! I have to be careful of the Slosher, though, but that sends me towards a third inkling. This battle is going well now.

In the last few seconds, with no swathes of yellow near me, I just cover what patches I can. And because there aren't obvious areas of yellow ink, the victory is quite comfortable. I get a good score too. Oh, and check out my GrizzCo t-shirt. Pretty snazzy.

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